Conservation of Orbital Angular Momentum in High-Harmonic Generation

Title: Conservation of Orbital Angular Momentum in High-Harmonic Generation
Authors: Gariepy, Genevieve
Date: 2013
Abstract: Orbital angular momentum (OAM) is a property of light that is widely used for applications in bioimaging, optical communication and optical manipulation, but is mainly limited to the infrared and visible spectra. Developing a table-top source of Extreme Ultraviolet (XUV) light containing an arbitrary amount of OAM is yet to be achieved. We accomplish this by exploiting high-harmonic generation (HHG), a process whereby an infrared pump beam produces high order harmonics. We experimentally demonstrate the conservation of OAM in HHG by measuring harmonics of order n containing n times the OAM of the pump (n = 11, 13, 15 in our experiment). These results agree with our theoretical model. We also show theoretically how to manipulate the HHG process to impart an arbitrary amount of OAM to the di fferent harmonics. We hence show the way to a table-top and flexible source of XUV light containing orbital angular momentum.
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