‘Road Smart’: Canada Safety Council Drivers’ Education And Training Tool

Title: ‘Road Smart’: Canada Safety Council Drivers’ Education And Training Tool
Authors: Persaud, Ajax
Shipton, Daniel
Date: 2005-03
Abstract: The CSC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of injuries and fatalities in Canada. Faced with the rising social problem of unsafe teenage drivers, the organisation developed a drivers' education/training CD-ROM entitled ‘Road Smart’. The product was designed in partnership with Shell Canada, but the company has declined to further support its distribution. Hence, ‘Road Smart’ is now a finished product in search of marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the CD-ROM faces a challenging set of external obstacles that could seriously jeopardise its market potential, and CSC’s ability to breakeven on the venture. CSC’s challenge is to find a suitable distribution and marketing strategy more than three years after the product was initially commissioned. Seemingly, there is much to be optimistic about. First, there is a definite need for this product in the marketplace. Teenage drivers are unduly dangerous as a group. The product is well designed and easy to use, and as such should help alleviate this worrisome predicament. It does satisfy a need, so there is an expectation that both parents and teenagers should value the ‘Road Smart’. Also, considering the lacklustre competition in Canada for driver education material, ‘Road Smart’ should have little problem outshining its direct competitors. Besides, CSC’s reputation and status should also come in handy. The sad fact however is that teenagers do not value the product above CSC’s breakeven price of about ten dollars. This inference is based on the several market realities. Over the last few years, the CD-ROM industry has been in decline to such a degree that the marketplace has become unattractive. Substitutes for
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/249
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