Preparation and Characterization of Kaolinite-based Nanocomposite Materials

Title: Preparation and Characterization of Kaolinite-based Nanocomposite Materials
Authors: Czarnecka, Anna
Date: 2013
Abstract: A kaolinite-nylon 6 composite was prepared by a polycondensation reaction from 6-aminohexanoic acid (AHA) intercalated in the kaolinite interlayer space. The basal spacing of kaolinite-AHA was 1.47 nm and the basal spacing of the heated products decreased to 1.16 nm. The signals attributed to nylon 6 were detected in the 13C CP/MAS NMR spectra of the heated products. Formation of nylon 6 in kaolinite was confirmed by appearance of IR band due to amide I and amide II. Sarcosine was intercalated in kaolinite for the first time by guest displacement with methanol from the kaolinite-methanol precursor. The basal spacing of kaolinite-sarcosine was 1.27 nm. This intercalation compound was characterized by NMR, TGA, XRD, and IR. The physical and chemical properties of natural clay sample from Mirandela formation (Portugal) were determined in terms of external skin treatment. The low CEC 4,45meq/100g is consistent with high content of kaolinite in the sample
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