The Formation of Stereotypes on Female Online Dating Profiles

Title: The Formation of Stereotypes on Female Online Dating Profiles
Authors: Cichosz, Anna
Date: 2013-05-22
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to uncover how both online daters and dating sites are responsible for shaping the manner in which individuals present themselves online to potential suitors. More specifically, the proposed study examines online dating practices by investigating the process for developing an online dating profile on two different dating sites;, a paid dating site and Plenty of Fish (POF), a free dating site. A paid and unpaid site has been chosen in order to determine whether a fee has an influence on the ability to present in an original way. In the current study, the researcher found that most female daters develop profiles that reinforce a stereotypical image regardless of opportunities (i.e. open-text boxes) to provide an original self-presentation. However, four females manage to develop original profiles, by uniquely displaying information and developing original self-descriptions relative to all profiles in the study.
CollectionCommunication - Mémoires // Communication - Research Papers