Distortional Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis for Beams of Wide Flange Cross-sections

Title: Distortional Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis for Beams of Wide Flange Cross-sections
Authors: Hassan, Rusul
Date: 2013
Abstract: Structural steel design standards recognize lateral torsional buckling as a failure mode governing the capacity of long span unsupported beams with wide flange cross-sections. Standard solutions start with the closed form solution of the Vlasov thin-walled beam theory for the case of a simply supported beam under uniform moments, and modify the solution to accommodate various moment distributions through moment gradient expressions. The Vlasov theory solution is based on the assumption that cross-sectional distortional effects have a negligible effect on the predicted elastic critical moment. The present study systematically examines the validity of the Vlasov assumption related to cross-section distortion through a parametric study. A series of elastic shell finite element eigen-value buckling analyses is conducted on simply supported beams subject to uniform moments, linear moments and mid span point loads as well as cantilevers subject to top flange loading acting at the tip. Cross-sectional dimensions are selected to represent structural steel cross-section geometries used in practice. Particular attention is paid to model end connection details commonly used in practice involving moment connections with two pairs of stiffeners, simply supported ends with a pair of transverse stiffeners, simply supported ends with cleat angle details, and built in fixation at cantilever roots. The critical moments obtained from the FEA are compared to those based on conventional critical moment equations in various Standards and published solutions. The effects of web slenderness, flange slenderness, web height to flange width ratio, and span to height ratios on the critical moment ratio are systematically quantified. For some combinations of section geometries and connection details, it is shown that present solutions derived from the Vlasov theory can overestimate the lateral torsional buckling resistance for beams.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/24008
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