Travelling Well: Essays in Medical Tourism

Title: Travelling Well: Essays in Medical Tourism
Authors: Labonté, Ronald
Runnels, Vivien
Packer, Corinne
Deonandan, Raywat
Blouin, Chantal
Chanda, Rupa
Chikanda, Abel
Crooks, Valorie
Crush, Jonathon
Ferreyra Galliani, Mariella
Hopkins, Lorraine
Johnston, Rory
Maswikwa, Belinda
Snyder, Jeremy
Date: 2013-02-07
Abstract: The opening years of the 21st century have been characterized by a variety of technological, social, political and economic factors that have seen the disintegration of the meaning and importance of international borders. From the power of the Internet to link disparate populations, to the consolidation of blocs of politically intertwined nations such as the European Union (EU), and the rise of affordable international travel, forces have been combining to bring about a globalized world economy that was only theorized in decades past. An obvious facet of this new globalization is the permeability of borders to the movement of consumers seeking a variety of medical services, and providers willing to accommodate, if not also profit, from this demand. Medical tourism refers to situations wherein an individual makes a decision to physically travel to a location in another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment for which he or she has paid (out-of-pocket or through individual insurance plans). This book draws from the collective efforts and thoughts of a collaboration of researchers interested in the phenomenon of medical tourism. The services sought span a surprisingly diverse array of medical products, interventions and technologies and the motivations of travellers seeking these services are equally as diverse. The book reflects the diverse aspects of medical tourism and reflects on future directions for this globalized industry.
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