Random Matrix Theory with Applications in Statistics and Finance

Title: Random Matrix Theory with Applications in Statistics and Finance
Authors: Saad, Nadia Abdel Samie Basyouni Kotb
Date: 2013
Abstract: This thesis investigates a technique to estimate the risk of the mean-variance (MV) portfolio optimization problem. We call this technique the Scaling technique. It provides a better estimator of the risk of the MV optimal portfolio. We obtain this result for a general estimator of the covariance matrix of the returns which includes the correlated sampling case as well as the independent sampling case and the exponentially weighted moving average case. This gave rise to the paper, [CMcS]. Our result concerning the Scaling technique relies on the moments of the inverse of compound Wishart matrices. This is an open problem in the theory of random matrices. We actually tackle a much more general setup, where we consider any random matrix provided that its distribution has an appropriate invariance property (orthogonal or unitary) under an appropriate action (by conjugation, or by a left-right action). Our approach is based on Weingarten calculus. As an interesting byproduct of our study - and as a preliminary to the solution of our problem of computing the moments of the inverse of a compound Wishart random matrix, we obtain explicit moment formulas for the pseudo-inverse of Ginibre random matrices. These results are also given in the paper, [CMS]. Using the moments of the inverse of compound Wishart matrices, we obtain asymptotically unbiased estimators of the risk and the weights of the MV portfolio. Finally, we have some numerical results which are part of our future work.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/23698
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