Segmentation and Line Filling of 2D Shapes

Title: Segmentation and Line Filling of 2D Shapes
Authors: Pérez Rocha, Ana Laura
Date: 2013
Abstract: The evolution of technology in the textile industry reached the design of embroidery patterns for machine embroidery. In order to create quality designs the shapes to be embroidered need to be segmented into regions that define different parts. One of the objectives of our research is to develop a method to automatically segment the shapes and by doing so making the process faster and easier. Shape analysis is necessary to find a suitable method for this purpose. It includes the study of different ways to represent shapes. In this thesis we focus on shape representation through its skeleton. We make use of a shape's skeleton and the shape's boundary through the so-called feature transform to decide how to segment a shape and where to place the segment boundaries. The direction of stitches is another important specification in an embroidery design. We develop a technique to select the stitch orientation by defining direction lines using the skeleton curves and information from the boundary. We compute the intersections of segment boundaries and direction lines with the shape boundary for the final definition of the direction line segments. We demonstrate that our shape segmentation technique and the automatic placement of direction lines produce sufficient constrains for automated embroidery designs. We show examples for lettering, basic shapes, as well as simple and complex logos.
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