Psallendae Mariae: Marian Processional Chants of the Ambrosian Rite

Title: Psallendae Mariae: Marian Processional Chants of the Ambrosian Rite
Authors: Bruno, Emilie
Date: 2012
Abstract: This interdisciplinary study examines a collection of chants intrinsically connected to the larger body of Western Chant: the psallendae. These chants of the Ambrosian rite, the form of Christian worship proper to the archdiocese of Milan, were sung during religious processions. With over 700 psallendae assigned to the Church calendar, this study examines only those assigned to feast days of the Virgin Mary, and in doing so, reveals a rich history of devotion to her. The primary sources examined are thirteenth-century manuscripts and medieval liturgical manuals. The processional chants are subjected to a thorough literary and musical analysis. Rooted in François-Auguste Gevaert's thematic theory, and using tools of reticular and stemmatic analysis, the psallendae are grouped according to melodic profile. Each group is then reduced to a core melodic theme, which, when juxtaposed with the ancient practice of religious processions, makes a compelling argument for the psallendae as among the oldest Christian chants.
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