Professional Development of Physiotherapists Working in Long-term Care

Title: Professional Development of Physiotherapists Working in Long-term Care
Authors: Marice, Prior
Date: 2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to learn about the professional development practices of physiotherapists working in long-term care homes in Ontario. A survey was created based on relevant literature and piloted for this study. The survey included both quantitative and open-ended questions. 44 Physiotherapist responded, which represents approximately 10% of physiotherapists working in long-term care in Ontario. The results indicate that physiotherapists are isolated from their physiotherapist peers and lack access to communities of practice, professional socialisation, professional culture and social regulation. Although physiotherapists’ interactions with interprofessional teams added breadth to their knowledge, these interactions did not enhance their profession-specific skills. Many physiotherapists are seeking professional community and social supports in healthcare settings outside of the long-term care context. The implications of this study are that physiotherapists, their professional associations, and their college must understand the importance of professional socialization in learning, and ensure that physiotherapists working in long-term care have access to and seek such social support. Physiotherapy service providers in long-term care should provide mentoring, support and opportunities for social learning for their clinicians. Finally, long-term care homes and the Ministry of Health and Long-term care need to ensure that policies provide a better definition of the role of physiotherapists in long-term care.
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