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8-Jul-2016Datasets for paper entitled "Psychometric Validation of the English and French Versions of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist for DSM-5"Ashbaugh, Andrea; Houle-Johnson, Stephanie; Herbert, Christophe; El-Hage, Wissam; Brunet, Alain
Jun-2013Emotion socialization and ethnicity: An examination of practices and outcomes in African American, Asian American, and Latin American familiesMorelen, Diana; Thomassin, Kristel
2014French-speaking children's freely produced labels for facial expressionsMaassarani, Reem; Gosselin, Pierre; Montembeault, Patricia; Gagnon, Mathieu
15-Nov-2014Radio Frequency Identification and Motion-sensitive Video Efficiently Automate Recording of Unrewarded Choice Behavior by BumblebeesOrbán, Levente; Plowright, Catherine
5-Sep-2014Getting to the start line: how bumblebees and honeybees are visually guided towards their first floral contactOrbán, Levente; Plowright, Catherine
2014Attitudes toward online sexual activitiesByers, E. Sandra; Shaughnessy, Krystelle
18-Apr-2013The influence of social support on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation survival: a systematic review of literatureBeattie, Sara; Lebel, Sophie; Tay, Jason
2013Predictors of relational continuity in primary care: patient, provider and practice factorsKristjansson, Elizabeth; Hogg, William; Dahrouge, Simone; Tuna, Meltem; Mayo-Bruinsma, Liesha; Gebremichael, Goshu
17-Jul-2014Children’s early helping in action: Piagetian developmental theory and early prosocial behaviorHammond, Stuart I.
12-Aug-2013Administration of neuropsychological tests using interactive voice response technology in the elderly: validation and limitationsMiller, Delyana Ivanova; Talbot, Vincent; Gagnon, Michèle; Messier, Claude
27-Jun-2013The Influence of Social Support on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Survival: A Systematic Review of LiteratureBeattie, Sara; Lebel, Sophie; Tay, Jason
4-Jun-2013Social Role Valorization in Community Mental Health Housing: Does it Contribute to the Community Integration and Life Satisfaction of People with Psychiatric Disabilities?Aubry, Tim; Flynn, Robert J.; Virley, Barb; Neri, Jaclynne
4-Jun-2013Identifying the Patterns of Emergency Shelter Stays of Single Individuals in Canadian Cities of Different SizesAubry, Tim; Farrell, Susan; Hwang, Stephen W.; Calhoun, Melissa
29-May-2013Findings of a Formative Evaluation of a Transitional Housing Program for Forensic Patients Discharged into the CommunityCherner, Rebecca; Nandlal, Joan; Ecker, John; Aubry, Tim; Pettey, Donna
2012Extracting functionally feedforward networks from a population of spiking neuronsVincent, Kathleen; Tauskela, Joseph S; Thivierge, Jean-Philippe
2012Memory as social glue: close interpersonal relationships in amnesic patientsDavidson, Patrick SR; Drouin, Héloïse; Kwan, Donna; Moscovitch, Morris; Rosenbaum, R. Shayna
28-Jun-2012Associations between a neurophysiological marker of central cholinergic activity and cognitive functions in young and older adultsYoung-Bernier, Marielle; Kamil, Yael; Tremblay, François; Davidson, Patrick S.R.
2011Pre-chemotherapy Differences in Visuospatial Working Memory in Breast Cancer Patients Compared to Controls: An fMRI StudyScherling, Carole; Collins, Barbara; MacKenzie, Joyce; Bielajew, Catherine; Smith, Andra
12-Apr-2012Driving After Traumatic Brain Injury: Closing the Gap Between Assessing, Rehabilitating and Safe DrivingGagnon, Sylvain; Hickey, Andrea Jane; Marshall, Shawn
28-Jul-2010Client and therapist views of contextual factors related to termination from psychotherapy: A comparison between unilateral and mutual terminatorsWestmacott, Robin; Hunsley, John; Best, Marlene; Rumstein-McKean, Orly; Schindler, Dwayne