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2019A distributional analysis of the wage gap between Immigrants and Canadian-born workersHaider, Nasim; Makdissi, Paul
2019Forecasting The Canadian Unemployment RateAbdikader, Omar; Day, Kathleen
2019Assessing the E ects of Global Oil shocks on Carbon EmissionsSegbey, Horace; Karnizova, Lilia
2019Market Concentration and Labour Market OutcomesMacDonell, Alexandre; Atallah, Gamal
2019The Earnings Difference Between Immigrants and Native-born Canadians in Different-Sized Urban CentresWang, Hao; Atallah, Gamal
2019The Effect of Education on Employment of Individuals Close to Retirement AgeLi, Yinghao; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2019The Effect of Marriage and Children on the Earnings of Canadian-born and Immigrant WomenJiang, Yanan; Grenier, Gilles
2019Intimate Partner Violence and Child Growth: The Effect of Domestic Abuse on Children Lenght-for-Age Z-ScoresIssaa, Jawa; Yazbeck, Myra; Makdissi, Paul
2019Do Laws to Reduce Dangerous Driving Reduce Traffic Accidents?Aymar Adido, Mindessè Ulrich; Barham, Vicky; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2019Are Quebecers More Stressed Out at Work than Others? A Follow-up Study on the Differences between Quebec, Ontario and the Rest of Canada in Level of Perceived Work StressLi, Yemin; Grenier, Gilles
2019The Nexus between Remittances, Economic Growth and Institutions: Evidence from South AsiaAden, Fatouma; Dissou, Yazid
2019An Empirical Study of Housing Wealth and Consumption in ChinaLi, Xiagao; Zhang, Yongjing
2019The Effect of Terrorism on Employment and Rice Production in the PhilippinesArellano, Clarisa Joy; Brodeur, Abel
2019Taking a Knee: Estimating The Impacts of National Anthem Protests in the National Football League on Salary and PerformanceZaporzan, Paul; Brodeur, Abel
2019Conditional Cash Transfers and Shocks: Evidence from the PhilippinesFlaminiano, John Paul; Garred, Jason
2019The Effect of Participating in Physical Activity on Health for Americans: Evidence from 1990-2010Badran, Marwan; Gray, David
2019Income Inequality, Education and Skill-Biased Technological ChangeXiao, Simin; Mérette, Marcel
2019Gender Wage Gap in Canada: An Analysis using Counterfactual Distributions RegressionLu, Hui; Makdissi, Paul
2019Linguistic and Economic Characteristics of Francophone Minorities in Ontario and New Brunswick from 1981 to 2011Tian, Wenyu; Grenier, Gilles
2019Oil Prices and How Much Tax the Government CollectsTran, Trang; Bernard, Jean-Thomas