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31-Dec-2017The Impact of Retirement on Health BehavioursLarlee, Caroline
31-Dec-2017Monetary Condition IndexDicko, Oumar
31-Dec-2017US Economic Policy Uncertainty and Chinese Macroeconomic Activity: A Nonlinear ApproachHan, Xufei
31-Dec-2017The Effect of the Minimum Wage on the Employment Rate in Canada, 1979-2016Shumakova, Eliana
31-Dec-2017The Disemployment Effect of Minimum Wages in Canada Using Provincial Panel DataLiu, Jingnan
31-Dec-2017An Analysis of Restrictions on Housing Purchases in ChinaYang, Huan
31-Dec-2017The Housing Situation and Needs of Immigrants in the Canadian Metropolitan Areas of Toronto, Vancouver and MontrealLi, Sibei
31-Dec-2017The Effect of Locations of Study and Region of Birth on Immigrants' WagesAnam, Amani
31-Dec-2017The Effect of Foreign Investment on Housing Prices in Major Canadian CitiesGeorgieva, Vania
31-Dec-2017Ease of Doing Business and Economic GrowthAdepoju, Uthman
31-Dec-2017Aging, Dissaving, and the Role of Life Annuities Economic TheoryLuo, Shichao
31-Dec-2017Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: An Empirical Study on Pollution in Sichuan ProvinceHu, Yunxi
31-Dec-2017Earnings Differentials between Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Canada due to Lower Returns to Immigrants' Human CapitalKwon, Soon Mo
31-Dec-2017Decomposing Changes of Socioeconomic Inequality in Physical Activity between 2005 and 2015 in the U.S Using RIF RegressionsLiu, Tong
31-Dec-2017Wage Differentials between Commons-Law and Legally Married Workers in CanadaTian, Jiangshan
31-Dec-2017Income Inequality and Health in CanadaLiu, Wenxin
31-Dec-2017Evaluation of the Relationship Changes between the Subjective Well-Being and Prosocial Actions - 2003*-2013Desjardins, Daniel
31-Dec-2017Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in China: Evidence from a Time Series and Vector Autoregressive ModelWang, Jinxuan
31-Dec-2017Determinants of Firm Entry and Exit in Canada and the U.S.Roh, Yanghee
31-Dec-2017Misallocation and TFP loss - A Study of Public Bank Loans in BrazilSilva, Natalia