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30-Apr-2017Female Representation in Provincial Legislatures and the Gender Wage Differential: 1970-2010Ruiz, Mauricio Andres
30-Apr-2017Interfuel Substitution in Electricity Generation Sector: A Meta-AnalysisChen, Siyu
30-Apr-2017The Impact of Environmental Regulations on Air Pollution in India: The Influence of Industrial Fuel iIntensityHaqani, Abdul
30-Apr-2017Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Institutional Quality: Evidence from Developing CountriesShelleh, Zaid
30-Apr-2017Women’s Fertility and their Education: Evidence from IndonesiaYameogo, Audrey
30-Apr-2017Impact of Education on Unemployment Evidence From CanadaAden, Idiris
30-Apr-2017The wage gap between the public and the private sector among Canadian-born and immigrant workersZheng, Kaiyu
30-Apr-2017The Effect of Transportation Hubs in the Canadian Economic ContextFournier, Elisabeth
30-Apr-2017Educational Expansion and Wage Inequallity: Evidence from Urban ChinaWang, Wei
Dec-2016Testing for Asymmetries in the Response of GDP to Oil Price Shocks Using MIDAS RegressorsNadeau, Louis
Dec-2016Birth Control Policy and Housing Markets: The Case of ChinaZhang, Chenxi
Dec-2016Slave Trade and DevelopmentOgunsanmi, Temitope G
Dec-2016Urban Water and Wastewater Privatization in ChinaYang, YIng
Dec-2016Prescription Drug Insurance and Demand for Physician Services: Evidence from Ontario and New BrunswickGlaser, Sheena M
Dec-2016The Relationship between CO2, Emissions and Living Standards in China: A Time Series ApproachShi, Zijian
Dec-2016The Impact of Oil Prices on Industrial Production in Developing CountriesAl-Risheq, Suhair M
Dec-2016Reducing Affordability: The Impact of Airbnb on the Vacancy Rate and Affordability of the Toronto Rental MarketHorton, Tyler
Dec-2016L'effet des accidents de trains sur la performance financière de l'Industrie ferroviaireLemay, David
Dec-2016Spatial Decomposition of Poverty in Niger: Shapley Decomposition ApproachBankole, Oluwaseun
Dec-2016Forecasting Power of the Consumer Confidence Indices to Household Consumption ExpendituresLi, Guohao