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Aug-2017Measuring the Impact of President Donald Trump’s Tweets on the Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar Exchange RateMalaver-Vojvodic, Manolo
Aug-2017Socioeconomic Characteristics and Depression in Canada: A Comparison between Females and MalesYao, Karen
Aug-2017The Recent Evolution of the Chinese Consumption Import BasketWang, Xiaoyu
Aug-2017R&D Expenditure and Firm Performance in ChinaYu, Zhiyuan
Aug-2017Monetary Policy Transmission in Canada: A FAVAR AnalysisJi, Jiangnan
Aug-2017Exchange Rate Predictability: Evidence from CanadaMendonca, Pedro Lucas Chagas
Aug-2017L’impact du krach boursier de 2008 sur la santé mentale et physique, les comportements de santé risqués et l’activité physique de la population américaine.Mukonkole Mbuyi, Gloria
Aug-2017Housing Market Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in Canada: Evidence from National and City Level DataBahmann, Shane
Aug-2017An application of the Heckman Selection Model to the Analysis of GIS benefitsDai, Chunyun
Aug-2017The Jaws Effect: An Analysis of Marine Fish Catches and Foreign ConflictsLeduc, Pierre
Aug-2017An empirical test of the environmental Kuznets curve: The effects of industry and tradeSenisterra, Juan
Aug-2017Evaluation of an Equation for the Canada-U.S. Real Exchange RateLuo, Yanxin
Aug-2017Évaluation de la contribution marginale des facteurs de risque : Opérationnaliser la valeur de ShapleyAhonzo, Adjoua
Aug-2017Examining the Effectiveness of INAC FundingTsao, Marcus
Aug-2017L’impact de la suppression des subventions aux prix des produits alimentaires et pétroliers sur la pauvreté au Maroc : Une analyse en équilibre généralBchi, Khadija
30-Apr-2017Female Representation in Provincial Legislatures and the Gender Wage Differential: 1970-2010Ruiz, Mauricio Andres
30-Apr-2017Interfuel Substitution in Electricity Generation Sector: A Meta-AnalysisChen, Siyu
30-Apr-2017The Impact of Environmental Regulations on Air Pollution in India: The Influence of Industrial Fuel iIntensityHaqani, Abdul
30-Apr-2017Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Institutional Quality: Evidence from Developing CountriesShelleh, Zaid
30-Apr-2017Women’s Fertility and their Education: Evidence from IndonesiaYameogo, Audrey