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2018Infinite Choice Transferable Utility Games and a n Application to Wage Distribution in FirmsCalvert, Bruce; Pongou, Roland
2018The Effects of State-Level Legislative Smoking Bans in Private and Government Workplaces on Smoking PrevalenceMichalyshyn, Katarina; Brodeur, Abel
2018Effect of Reduction of Pollutant Emissions on the Productivity Performance of Regional Canadian Pulp and Paper IndustriesYang, Shiqi; Bernard, Jean-Thomas
2018External Doping Effects in Competitive WeightliftingLaprade, Graeme; Brodeur, Abel
2018Impact of Flood Meso-Insurance on Agricultural Productivity: Evidence From BangladeshMebada, Olivier; Makdissi, Paul
2018L' évolution de I' impact de la langue sur l'emploi dans la région de la capitale nationaleBergeron, Sarah; Morin, Louis-Phlippe
2018The Displacement Effect oflmmigration on Domestic Wages and Employment in CanadaDelic, Lejla; Gray, David
2018The Impact of e-cigarettes bans on smoking habits and self-assessed health: Evidence from the Canadian Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs (CTADS)Rwigema, Sarah; Yazbeck, Myra
2018Corporate Lobbying for Environmental PerformanceDuan, Yuetong; Semenov, Aggey
2018Is Monetary Policy More Powerful in Recessions or Expansions? Evidence from CanadaTrujillo, Jaime; Rondina, Francesca
2018Effects of Macroprudential Policies on Housing Prices in Smaller MarketsSharman, Brandon; Tremblay, Jean-François
2018The Impact of China High Speed Rail on Regional Economic DevelopmentWang, Bingqing; Quyen, Nguyen Van
2018An Analysis of Inbound Tourism in ChinaYan, Peishuai; Day, Kathleen
2018Gender-Wage Gap in the Chinese Labour MarketJiang, Wendi; Grenier, Gilles
2018Central Bank Independence and Inflation: An Empirical ApproachKhan, Muhammad Muzahidul Anam; Karnizova, Lila
2018Visible Minority Wage Gaps for Highly Educated Immigrant and Canadian-born Workers with Canadian DegreesYu, Shengyi; Grenier, Gilles
2018The Effects of British Columbia’s Vacancy Tax and Foreign-buyer Tax Act on the Supply of New Residential Housing in VancouverHu, Jingting; Atallah, Gamal
2018Fundamentals of the Canadian Dollar and the Prevalence of the Dutch DiseaseLi, Jin; Seccareccia, Mario
2018The Relationship Between The GDP Growth Rate And The Change In The Tertiary Industry In ChinaShi, Yuntao; Garred, Jason
2018Income Inequality and Housing Access in CanadaZhang, Youchen; Atallah, Gamal