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2020A new class of inequality measures based on weighted conditional incomplete momentsH. M. Abouelmagd, Tamer.; Atallah, Gamal
2020The 2002 Euro Changeover: the Effects of a New Currency on CrimeGauthier, Nicolas; Hotte, Louis
2020The effect of the COVID-19 induced uncertainty on the Canadian economyEl Mansouri, Mouad; Karnizova, Lilia
2020Public Debt and GDP Growth in WAEMU CountriesHou, Junru; Dissou, Yazid
2020Evidence for Sticky Consumption Growth in CanadaJ. Lavoie, Christopher; Kichian, Maral
2020Intellectual Property Rights and Foreign Direct Investment in Low Income CountriesBorovitsky, Daria; Hotte, Louis
2020Before They Turn Pro: Superstar Attendance Effects in the Ontario Hockey League (2011-2019)Lemieux, Austin; Brochu, Pierre; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2020US Environmental Policy Attributes and their Effects on InnovationHatcher, Martin; Mohnen, Myra
2020Deriving an Empirical Model of the Canadian zerocoupon yield curves Tsun Yan Chan Major PaperChan, Tsun Yan; Day, Kathleen M.
2020Impacts économiques de la taxe sur l’énergie dans un modèle d’équilibre général calculable : Analyse de sensibilité des résultats aux valeurs des élasticités de substitutionMpoto, Jonathan; Dissou, Yazid
2020The Impact of a Natural Disaster on Individuals’ Health-Related Behaviors in ChinaTu, Yiwen; Yazbeck, Myra
2020Does Education Affect Health? Evidence From China Compulsory Schooling LawDu, Junfeng; Yazbeck, Myra A.
2020Economic Forecasting in Canada using the Near-Term Forward SpreadSoltani, Kevin; Karnizova, Lilia
2020Evaluating the correlation between Innovation in HR practices and organizational performance using Shapley ValueJeidane, Mohammed El Mehdi; Atallah, Gamal
2020Migration of Rivertown: The impact of the Three Gorges Dam project on local economic activityChen, Yeyuxing; Garred, Jason
2020The Effect of Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) on Household Behavior: Evidence from IranHeyrani, Mehrdad; Pongou, Roland
2020An Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Chinese Imports on Employment in OntarioSaleem, Najab; Kichian, Maral
2020Real Estate Transaction Taxes on Foreign Buyers in Greater Vancouver and Toronto and Their Effect on the Housing MarketThurston, Zachary; Garred, Jason
2020What makes residents of Canada happy? Determinants of life satisfaction in CanadaWang, Ruochen; Day, Kathleen M.