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2018The Oil Price and Aggregate Economic Activity: Evidence from CanadaZhang, Wenjing; Karnizova, Lilia
2018Trade and Employment by Gender – A Canadian PerspectiveWelisch, Jonas; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2018Government Funding of Registered Charities in CanadaTafa, Rumbidzayi Christine; Devlin, Rose Anne
2018Automatic stabilizers: A European Union design perspectiveShi, Haoran; Seccareccia, Mario
2018Doing Business and Africa’s Economic PerformanceOkunlola, Oreoluwa; Bernard, Jean-Thomas
2018Utilisation des revenus de la taxe carbone pour le financement de l’investissement public en infrastructures : une analyse en équilibre généralMoutaouakkil, Soukaina; Dissou, Yazid
2018The Determinants of Stress in China: A Comparison between the Rural, Urban and Migrant PopulationsLiu, Yanbei; Grenier, Gilles
2018The effects of English proficiency on labour market performance in ChinaLi, Bing; Grenier, Gilles
2018Family Size and Intergenerational Income Mobility: Evidence from China’s One-Child PolicyFeng, Junyi; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2018Factors Affecting the Retention of Students Admitted from CEGEPCao, Xinrui; Barham, Victoria
2018The House Rules: Housing Market Responses to Oil Price Shocks in CanadaCameron, Thoby; Rondina, Francesca
2018Societal Loss in R2: The Welfare Effects of the Majority Decision Rule in the Spatial Voting ModelBouwer, Charles; Van Quyen, Nguyen
2018Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Canada: Implications from Provinces’ Price DifferenceBouga Ela, Michelle; Tanimoune, Nasser Ary
2018The Aftermath of Sovereign Debt Assistance: Does Debt Relief Play a Role in Reducing Future Conflict?Jaffer, Shaista Karim Sadrudin; Grenier, Gilles
2017-12-31The Impact of Retirement on Health BehavioursLarlee, Caroline; Deri Armstrong, Catherine
2017-12-31Monetary Condition IndexDicko, Oumar; Coulombe, Serge
2017-12-31US Economic Policy Uncertainty and Chinese Macroeconomic Activity: A Nonlinear ApproachHan, Xufei; Karnizova, Lilia
2017-12-31The Effect of the Minimum Wage on the Employment Rate in Canada, 1979-2016Shumakova, Eliana; Brochu, Pierre
2017-12-31The Disemployment Effect of Minimum Wages in Canada Using Provincial Panel DataLiu, Jingnan; Day, Kathleen
2017-12-31An Analysis of Restrictions on Housing Purchases in ChinaYang, Huan; Day, Kathleen