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2019Relation between Searches for Bitcoin and Searches for the Characteristics of Bitcoin Users in CanadaGarg, Manavi; Rondina, Francesca
2018Income Inequality and Housing Access in CanadaZhang, Youchen; Atallah, Gamal
2017A study of the factors affecting the total fertility rate in South KoreaLim, Juyoung; Day, Kathleen
2017Profit Shifting through Tranfer Pricing: Evidence from 16 OECD Countries (1979-2005)Zeb, Mamoona; Tremblay, Jean-François
2017Philanthropic differences between Natural Disaster donors and Donors to Other CausesBorowy-Borowski, Peter; Devlin, Rose-Anne
2014Evidence on Canadian graduates who pursue further post-secondary educationMueller, Mercedes; Finnie, Ross
2017An Impact Evaluation of Duty Free Quota Free Market Access for the Least Developed Countries (1998-2010)Kwon, Kyae Lim; Garred, Jason
2017Is It Only High School Grades That Matter? Understanding Retentions In A Social Science Undergraduate ProgramWang, Di; Barham, Vicky
2018The Relationship between Budgeting and Indicators of Financial Well-BeingRivest, Nicole; Tremblay, Jean-François
2018The Impact of Human Capital on Fertility: Evidence from Asia and AfricaBin-Milud, Ahmed; Atallah, Gamal
2019What Factors Affect Canadian Overnight Trips from 2006 to 2016?Han, Yan; Gray, David
2019Migration of Higher Educated Graduates and the Consequences of China's 1999 Expansion of Higher Education AdmissionXu, Jia; Garred, Jason
2019The Years of Schooling of Second-Generation Immigrants in CanadaWang, Bingrui; Grenier, Gilles
2019The cost benefit analysis of the implementation of photovoltaic solar system in Saudi ArabiaMouawad, Mariam; Quyen, Nguyen
2019Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Inequality: A Proxy-Svar ApproachN. Mertens, Arnaud; Karnizova, Lilia
2019Temperature and Teacher Absence : Evidence from 4,085 Schools in IndiaLéonard, Christine; Heyes, Anthony
2019Devrait-on adopter une politique de « Revenu minimum garanti » en Ontario?Kempe, Jeanne; Tremblay, Jean-François
2019Parental Migration and the Health and Nutritional Outcomes of Left-Behind Children in ChinaGuo, Chenxuan; Garred, Jason
2019The arms trade and the euro changeover in 2002Gilbert Gagné, Jessica; Hotte, Louis
2019Inequality in Childcare, case study: Palestine, Tunisia, AlgeriaEbrahimi, Ali; Makdissi, Paul; Yazbeck, Myra