Integration and Simulation of a Bitumen Upgrading Facility and an IGCC Process with Carbon Capture

Title: Integration and Simulation of a Bitumen Upgrading Facility and an IGCC Process with Carbon Capture
Authors: El Gemayel, Gemayel
Date: 2012
Abstract: Hydrocracking and hydrotreating are bitumen upgrading technologies designed to enhance fuel quality by decreasing its density, viscosity, boiling point and heteroatom content via hydrogen addition. The aim of this thesis is to model and simulate an upgrading and integrated gasification combined cycle then to evaluate the feasibility of integrating slurry hydrocracking, trickle-bed hydrotreating and residue gasification using the Aspen HYSYS® simulation software. The close-coupling of the bitumen upgrading facilities with gasification should lead to a hydrogen, steam and power self-sufficient upgrading facility with CO2 capture. Hydrocracker residue is first withdrawn from a 100,000 BPD Athabasca bitumen upgrading facility, characterized via ultimate analysis and then fed to a gasification unit where it produces hydrogen that is partially recycled to the hydrocracker and hydrotreaters and partially burned for power production in a high hydrogen combined cycle unit. The integrated design is simulated for a base case of 90% carbon capture utilizing a monoethanolamine (MEA) solvent, and compared to 65% and no carbon capture scenarios. The hydrogen production of the gasification process is evaluated in terms of hydrocracker residue and auxiliary petroleum coke feeds. The power production is determined for various carbon capture cases and for an optimal hydrocracking operation. Hence, the feasibility of the integration of the upgrading process and the IGCC resides in meeting the hydrogen demand of the upgrading facility while producing enough steam and electricity for a power and energy self-sufficient operation, regardless of the extent of carbon capture.
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