Segmentation Based Depth Extraction for Stereo Image and Video Sequence

Title: Segmentation Based Depth Extraction for Stereo Image and Video Sequence
Authors: Zhang, Yu
Date: 2012
Abstract: 3D representation nowadays has attracted much more public attention than ever before. One of the most important techniques in this field is depth extraction. In this thesis, we first introduce a well-known stereo matching method using color segmentation and belief propagation, and make an implementation of this framework. The color-segmentation based stereo matching method performs well recently, since this method can keep the object boundaries accurate, which is very important to depth map. Based on the implemented framework of segmentation based stereo matching, we proposed a color segmentation based 2D-to-3D video conversion method using high quality motion information. In our proposed scheme, the original depth map is generated from motion parallax by optical flow calculation. After that we employ color segmentation and plane estimation to optimize the original depth map to get an improved depth map with sharp object boundaries. We also make some adjustments for optical flow calculation to improve its efficiency and accuracy. By using the motion vectors extracted from compressed video as initial values for optical flow calculation, the calculated motion vectors are more accurate within a shorter time compared with the same process without initial values. The experimental results shows that our proposed method indeed gives much more accurate depth maps with high quality edge information. Optical flow with initial values provides good original depth map, and color segmentation with plane estimation further improves the depth map by sharpening its boundaries.
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -
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