A Novel Remodulation Scheme for WDM PONs Using DPSK for Both Downstream and Upstream

Title: A Novel Remodulation Scheme for WDM PONs Using DPSK for Both Downstream and Upstream
Authors: Deb, Nebras
Date: 2012
Abstract: Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Networks (WDM PONs) offer a great solution to satisfy the increasing demand of bandwidth. In addition, it offers a higher level of data security through virtual point to point connections. A great challenge in realizing cost-effective WDM PON is the need for a transmitter at each Optical Network Unit (ONU) with a dedicated wavelength, which overloads the total cost of the system, in addition to reducing the number of available wavelengths in the system. Remodulation scheme is an ultimate solution for these problems of WDM PONs as the downstream signal itself is remodulated with upstream data which saves the need for a laser source at the ONU side. In this thesis I propose and experimentally demonstrate a novel wavelength remodulation scheme for WDM PONs that employs Differential Phase Shift Keying (DPSK) for downstream and Return to Zero DPSK (RZ-DPSK) for upstream. The use of DPSK enhanced the system with improved receiver sensitivity and RZ-DPSK improved the tolerance toward chromatic dispersion. In addition, I investigate the Backreflection (BR) penalty resulting from beat noise of BRs with upstream signal in a bidirectional WDM PON system that uses remodulation and phase modulation as a modulation format. I experimentally demonstrate the optimal conditions to operate the system and minimize the BR penalty.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/22847
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