Modern Canadian Universities, Mission Drift and Quality of Education

Title: Modern Canadian Universities, Mission Drift and Quality of Education
Authors: Shingadia, Ashwin
Date: 2012
Abstract: This study contributes to theory and public policy in Canada and globally. It uses mixed methodology and triangulation of evidence through policy documents(Bovey,Rae,Drummond),empirical studies and surveys(ranking,NSSE data,regression), CAUT/AUCC and Statistics Canada sources and qualitative sources - writings of university presidents (Bok,Kerr,Fallis),researchers (Rajagopal, Clark et al.)as well,talks with sessionals,teaching assistants and administrators. The framework consists of Altbach's four factors - democratization, the knowledge economy, globalisation and competition and three ideal types for university development - entrepreneurial, liberal education and deliberative. The thesis contrasts classical college with the modern university system. The results show strong evidence for research domination, mission drift and shift towards the entrepreneurial model. Quality is compromised by lowering requirements, compressed courses, less study time, large classes taught by sessionals and TAs, grade inflation and consumerist behaviour, while critical thinking and moral development are neglected.
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