Towards Fault Reactiveness in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Carrier Robots

Title: Towards Fault Reactiveness in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Carrier Robots
Authors: Falcon Martinez, Rafael Jesus
Date: 2012
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSN) increasingly permeate modern societies nowadays. But in spite of their plethora of successful applications, WSN are often unable to surmount many operational challenges that unexpectedly arise during their lifetime. Fortunately, robotic agents can now assist a WSN in various ways. This thesis illustrates how mobile robots which are able to carry a limited number of sensors can help the network react to sensor faults, either during or after its deployment in the monitoring region. Two scenarios are envisioned. In the first one, carrier robots surround a point of interest with multiple sensor layers (focused coverage formation). We put forward the first known algorithm of its kind in literature. It is energy-efficient, fault-reactive and aware of the bounded robot cargo capacity. The second one is that of replacing damaged sensing units with spare, functional ones (coverage repair), which gives rise to the formulation of two novel combinatorial optimization problems. Three nature-inspired metaheuristic approaches that run at a centralized location are proposed. They are able to find good-quality solutions in a short time. Two frameworks for the identification of the damaged nodes are considered. The first one leans upon diagnosable systems, i.e. existing distributed detection models in which individual units perform tests upon each other. Two swarm intelligence algorithms are designed to quickly and reliably spot faulty sensors in this context. The second one is an evolving risk management framework for WSNs that is entirely formulated in this thesis.
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