Numerical Modelling of van der Waals Fluids

Title: Numerical Modelling of van der Waals Fluids
Authors: Odeyemi, Tinuade A.
Date: 2012
Abstract: Many problems in fluid mechanics and material sciences deal with liquid-vapour flows. In these flows, the ideal gas assumption is not accurate and the van der Waals equation of state is usually used. This equation of state is non-convex and causes the solution domain to have two hyperbolic regions separated by an elliptic region. Therefore, the governing equations of these flows have a mixed elliptic-hyperbolic nature. Numerical oscillations usually appear with standard finite-difference space discretization schemes, and they persist when the order of accuracy of the semi-discrete scheme is increased. In this study, we propose to use a Chebyshev pseudospectral method for solving the governing equations. A comparison of the results of this method with very high-order (up to tenth-order accurate) finite difference schemes is presented, which shows that the proposed method leads to a lower level of numerical oscillations than other high-order finite difference schemes, and also does not exhibit fast-traveling packages of short waves which are usually observed in high-order finite difference methods. The proposed method can thus successfully capture various complex regimes of waves and phase transitions in both elliptic and hyperbolic regimes
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