A Goal-Driven Methodology for Developing Health Care Quality Metrics

Title: A Goal-Driven Methodology for Developing Health Care Quality Metrics
Authors: Villar Corrales, Carlos
Date: 2011
Abstract: The definition of metrics capable of reporting on quality issues is a difficult task in the health care sector. This thesis proposes a goal-driven methodology for the development, collection, and analysis of health care quality metrics that expose in a quantifiable way the progress of measurement goals stated by interested stakeholders. In other words, this methodology produces reports containing metrics that enable the understanding of information out of health care data. The resulting Health Care Goal Question Metric (HC-GQM) methodology is based on the Goal Question Metric (GQM) approach, a methodology originally created for the software development industry and adapted to the context and specificities of the health care sector. HC-GQM benefits from a double loop validation process where the methodology is first implemented, then analysed, and finally improved. The validation process takes place in the context of adverse event management and incident reporting initiatives at a Canadian teaching hospital, where the HC-GQM provides a set of meaningful metrics and reports on the occurrence of adverse events and incidents to the stakeholders involved. The results of a survey suggest that the users of HC-GQM have found it beneficial and would use it again.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/19850
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