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2019Ethical HackingMaurushat, Alana
2018Law and the "Sharing Economy" - Regulating Online Market PlatformsMcKee, Derek; Makela, Finn; Scassa, Teresa
2008Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History - Exploring Kant, Hegel, and MarxFillion, Real
2007Managing Diversity - Practices of CitizenshipCardinal, Linda; Brown, Nicholas
2005Kierkegaard's Romantic Legacy - Two Theories of the SelfGupta, Anoop
2008Colonial Systems of Control - Criminal Justice in NigeriaSaleh-Hanna, Viviane; Affor, Chris; Agomoh, Uju; Agozino, Biko; Akporherhe, Clever; Anagaba, Sylvester Monday; Elechi, O. Oko; Eribo, Osa; Nagel, Mechthild; Odibo, Igho; Sudbury, Julia; Ume, Chukwuma; Idem, Unyierie
2018Les Cahiers du journalisme, Volume 2, numéro 1Labasse, Bertrand; Savary, Pierre; Watine, Thierry
2018Touch in the Helping Professions: Research, Practice, and EthicsRovers, Martin; Malette, Judith; Guirguis-Younger, Manal
2018Décrocher son diplôme (et l’emploi de ses rêves!) Comment maîtriser les compétences essentielles menant au succès à l’école, au travail et dans la vieKlassen, Thomas R.; Dwyer, John A.
2017-11-01Accessibility and Active Offer: Health Care and Social Services in Linguistic Minority CommunitiesDrolet, Marie; Bouchard, Pier; Savard, Jacinthe
2017-11-01Accessibilité et offre active : Santé et services sociaux en contexte linguistique minoritaireDrolet, Marie; Bouchard, Pier; Savard, Jacinthe
2017-06-06Language is the Key: The Canadian Language Benchmarks ModelJezak, Monika; Jezak, Monika
2017-02-28Shakespeare and Canada: Remembrance of OurselvesMakaryk, Irena R.; Prince, Kathryn; Makaryk, Irena R.; Prince, Kathryn
2016-10-18Malcolm Lowry's Poetics of SpaceLane, Richard J.; Mota, Miguel; Lane, Richard J.; Mota, Miguel
2016-09-22eAccess to JusticeBenyekhlef, Karim; Bailey, Jane; Burkell, Jacquelyn; Gélinas, Fabien
2016-05-26Rethinking Canadian Aid, Second EditionBrown, Stephen; den Heyer, Molly; Black, David R.; Brown, Stephen; den Heyer, Molly; Black, David R.
2015-01-08Rethinking Canadian AidBrown, Stephen; den Heyer, Molly; Black, David R.
2015-08-26Des outils pour le changement : Une approche critique en études du développementVeltmeyer, Henry
2015-05-28Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden EraGeist, Michael
2015-04-23eGirls, eCitizensJane Bailey, Valerie Steeves