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2019Residents’ Perception of Radon Health Risk: A Qualitative StudyKhan SM, Chreim S
2019Radon interventions around the globe: A systematic reviewKhan, Selim M.; Gomes, James; Krewski, Daniel R.
2019Drought in Ethiopia: A Population Health Equity Approach to Build Resilience for the Agro-Pastoralist CommunityKhan, Selim; Gomes, James
2019Closing the Aboriginal education gap: a systematic review of indigenous educational experiences in CanadaDeonandan, Raywat; Janoudi, Ghayath; Uzun, Mara
2019Economic trends and organ donation rates in the USA: An ecological analysisFrere, Margaret; Deonandan, Raywat
2018Radon, an Invisible Killer in Canadian Homes: Perceptions of Ottawa-Gatineau ResidentsKhan, SM; Kewski, D; Gomes, J; Deonandan, R
1997Using Saccadic Eye Movement Latencies to Measure Retinal Summation AreasDeonandan, Raywat; Hallett, Peter
2018Are the Sustainable Development Goals Realistic and Effective: A Qualitative Analysis of Key Informant OpinionsMathers, Annalise; Deonandan, Raywat
2018Facebook suicide memorial pages: Are they in compliance with WHO’s suicide media guidelines?Dupuis, Gabrielle; Deonandan, Raywat
2017-10-31Closing the Aboriginal Education GapDeonandan, Raywat; Janoudi, Ghayath; Uzun, Mara
2017-10-17Therapeutic heat and cold in cardiac rehabilitationHabash, Riadh
2017-08-17Advanced maternal age: ethical and medical considerations for assisted reproductive technologyHarrison, BJ; Hilton, TN; Riviere, RN; Ferraro, ZM; Deonandan, R; Walker, MC
2017-04-01Writing skills enhancement for public health professionals in RwandaDeonandan, Raywat; Sangwa, Nodine; Kanters, Steve; Nsanzimana, Sabin
2017-02-07Factors associated with body mass index among slum dwelling women in India: an analysis of the 2005–2006 Indian National Family Health SurveyPatel, Maya Laxmi; Deonandan, Raywat
2016-12-06The Community Health Worker Model: A Grass-Roots Approach for Measles Prevention in Refugee CampsBaier, Kristina; Deonandan, Raywat
2016Comparing physical assessment with administrative data for detecting pressure ulcers in a large Canadian academic health sciences centreBackman, Chantal; Vanderloo, Saskia E; Miller, Toba B; Freeman, Lisa; Forster, Alan J
2016-06-30Mining The Gap: Aboriginal Women and the Mining IndustryDeonandan, Raywat; Deonandan, Kalowatie; Field, Brennan
2015Implementation of an Electronic Data Collection Tool to Monitor Nursing-Sensitive Indicators in a Large Academic Health Sciences CentreBackman, Chantal; Vanderloo, Saskia; Momtahan, Kathy; D' Entremont, Barb; Freeman, Lisa; Kachuik, Lynn; Rossy, Dianne; Mille, Toba; Mojaverian, Naghmeh; Lemire-Rodger, Ginette; Forster, Alan
2014Barriers and success factors to the implementation of a multi-site prospective adverse event surveillance systemBackman, C.; Forster, A. J.; Vanderloo, S.
2011Barriers and bridges to infection prevention and control: results of a case study of a Canadian surgical unitBackman, Chantal; Marck, Patricia Beryl; Krogman, Naomi; Taylor, Geoffrey; Sales, Anne; Roth, Virginia R.