Radiative proton capture study of copper-59.

Title: Radiative proton capture study of copper-59.
Authors: Gauthier, Raymond.
Date: 1970
Abstract: Enriched 58Ni targets were bombarded with H1 + ions of energy varying from 900 to 2000 kev. A 30 cc Ge(Li) detector was used to detect the gamma rays following the radiative proton capture. Nine resonances were studied and the spectra analysed to give gamma ray branching ratios and energy levels in 59Cu. From the decay of the resonance level for Ep = (1423.64 +/- .43) kev and Ep = (1843.45 +/- .56) kev the Q of the reaction was calculated to be (3418.5 +/- 2.4) kev. Partial proton and gamma ray widths were determined by integration of the 1303 kev and 878 kev gamma ray peaks following the beta+ disintegration of 59Cu. A Doppler shift measurement performed on the Ep = 1424 kev resonance level gave a value tau < 2 x 10-15 second.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/10767
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