Approaches for handling software version mismatch in data communication networks.

Title: Approaches for handling software version mismatch in data communication networks.
Authors: Minhas, Hartek Singh.
Date: 1994
Abstract: This thesis studies restrictive interoperability between distinct versions of implementations based on standards or recommendations. Successful interoperability between two communicating versions on different networks depends upon: (1) how accurately the versions were derived from the standard, and, (2) how similar were the selection of supported options in the distinct versions, and (3) how familiar were the respective network managers about the functional differences between the two versions before provisioning and the start of commercial operation. Each network has a complex architecture to support numerous applications installed on a broad range of different hardware platforms. Applications are designed to be accessed by local users or public network subscribers. Attempts made by users/subscribers to access a service from a remote application in order to carry out an end-to-end function over one or more than one distinct network may fail because of: (1) functional limitations of the protocol stacks beneath the target application, or (2) functional limitations in the services or options offered by an intermediary network. In this thesis, we relate possible causes and give possible methods for prevention and recovery within two primary development and operational mechanisms: (1) The standards development process. (2) Network management methods. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
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