Modelling and Pitch Control of a Re-Configurable Unmanned Airship

Title: Modelling and Pitch Control of a Re-Configurable Unmanned Airship
Authors: Tuta Navajas, Gilmar
Date: 2021-04-14
Abstract: Lighter than air (LTA) vehicles have many advantageous capabilities over other aircraft, including low power consumption, high payload capacity, and long endurance. However, they exhibit manoeuvrability and control reliability challenges, and these limitations are particularly significant for smaller unmanned LTA. In this thesis, a 4 m length autonomous airship with a sliding gondola is presented. A rigid keel, mounted to the helium envelope, follows the helium envelope profile from the midsection to the nose of the vehicle. Moving the gondola along the keel produces upwards of 90-degree changes in pitch angle, thereby improving manoeuvrability and allowing for rapid changes in altitude. The longitudinal multi-body equations of motion were developed for this prototype using the Boltzmann–Hamel method. An adaptive PID controller was then designed to control the pitch inclination using the gondola’s position. This control system is capable of self-tuning the controller gains in real time by minimizing a pre-defined sliding condition. Experimental flight tests were carried out to evaluate the controller’s performance on the prototype.
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