Model-Driven Testing in Umple

Title: Model-Driven Testing in Umple
Authors: Almaghthawi, Sultan Eid A.
Date: 2020-04-08
Abstract: In this thesis we present a language and technique to facilitate model-based testing. The core of our approach is an xUnit-like language that allows tests to refer to model entities such as associations. This language can be used by developers to describe tests based on an existing UML model. The tests might even be written before creating a UML model, and be based on requirements. The testing language, including its parser and generators, is written entirely in Umple, an open-source textual modeling tool with semantics closely based on UML, and which generates Java, PHP and several other target languages. Tests in our language can be embedded in Umple or in standalone files. The test language compiler converts our abstract testing language into JUnit, PHPUnit and other domain-language testing environments. In addition to allowing developers to write tests manually, we have created generators that create abstract tests for any Umple model. These generators can be used to verify the Umple compiler and to give Umple users extra confidence in their models. User-defined tests can be standalone or embedded in methods; they can be generic, referring to metamodel elements. Tests can also be located in traits or mixsets to allow testing of separate concerns or product lines. To test our language and the tests written in it, we have created an extensive test suite. We have also implemented mutation testing, that enables varying of features of the models to ensure that runs of the pre-mutation tests then fail.
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