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16-Jan-2018Protocol for a scoping review of systematic reviews: benefits and harms of medical marijuanaPratt, Misty; Stevens, Adrienne; Thuku, Micere; Hutton, Brian; Wieland, Susan; Shea, Bev; Clemons, Mark; Kanji, Salmaan; Moher, David
19-Dec-2017Evaluations of the uptake and impact of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Statement and extensions: a scoping reviewPage, Matthew J; Moher, David
7-Nov-2017Letter to the editor - round table unites to tackle culture change in an effort to improve animal research reportingOsborne, Nicola J; Ritskes-Hoitinga, Merel; Ahluwahlia, Amrita; Alam, Sabina; Brown, Matthew; Henderson, Hayley; de Leeuw, Wim; Marsh, Joan; Moher, David; van Oort, Erica; Rawle, Frances; Riederer, Beat M; Sanchez-Morgado, Jose; Sena, Emily S; Struthers, Caroline; Westmore, Matthew; Avey, Marc T; Kalman, Rony; O’Connor, Annette; Sargeant, Jan; Petrie, Anja; Smith, Adrian
7-Nov-2017Assessment of safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy in preclinical models of acute myocardial infarction: a systematic review protocolBarron, Carly C; Lalu, Manoj M; Stewart, Duncan J; Fergusson, Dean; Yang, Homer; Moher, David; Liu, Peter; Mazer, David; Devereaux, P. J; McIntyre, Lauralyn
10-Oct-2017Recommendations for reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of diagnostic test accuracy: a systematic reviewMcGrath, Trevor A; Alabousi, Mostafa; Skidmore, Becky; Korevaar, Daniël A; Bossuyt, Patrick M M; Moher, David; Thombs, Brett; McInnes, Matthew D F
11-Sep-2017Core competencies for scientific editors of biomedical journals: consensus statementMoher, David; Galipeau, James; Alam, Sabina; Barbour, Virginia; Bartolomeos, Kidist; Baskin, Patricia; Bell-Syer, Sally; Cobey, Kelly D; Chan, Leighton; Clark, Jocalyn; Deeks, Jonathan; Flanagin, Annette; Garner, Paul; Glenny, Anne-Marie; Groves, Trish; Gurusamy, Kurinchi; Habibzadeh, Farrokh; Jewell-Thomas, Stefanie; Kelsall, Diane; Lapeña, José F; MacLehose, Harriet; Marusic, Ana; McKenzie, Joanne E; Shah, Jay; Shamseer, Larissa; Straus, Sharon; Tugwell, Peter; Wager, Elizabeth; Winker, Margaret; Zhaori, Getu
19-Jul-2017Systematic review adherence to methodological or reporting qualityPussegoda, Kusala; Turner, Lucy; Garritty, Chantelle; Mayhew, Alain; Skidmore, Becky; Stevens, Adrienne; Boutron, Isabelle; Sarkis-Onofre, Rafael; Bjerre, Lise M; Hróbjartsson, Asbjørn; Altman, Douglas G; Moher, David
Jul-2017Signal Detection Report: Acupuncture for Shoulder PainAhmadzai, Nadera; Pratt, Misty; Hutton, Brian; Wieland, Susan; Skidmore, Becky; Moher, David
Jul-2017Signal Detection Report: Antioxidant supplements for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and/or steatohepatitisPratt, Misty; Ahmadzai, Nadera; Hutton, Brian; Wieland, Susan; Skidmore, Becky; Moher, David
Jul-2017Signal Detection Report: Glucosamine Therapy for Treating OsteoarthritisPratt, Misty; Ahmadzai, Nadera; Hutton, Brian; Wieland, Susan; Skidmore, Becky; Moher, David