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20-Sep-2016Report on a pilot project to introduce a publications officerCobey, Kelly; Galipeau, James; Shamseer, Larissa; Moher, David
6-Sep-2016Development and validation of the guideline for reporting evidence-based practice educational interventions and teaching (GREET)Phillips, Anna C; Lewis, Lucy K; McEvoy, Maureen P; Galipeau, James; Glasziou, Paul; Moher, David; Tilson, Julie K; Williams, Marie T
26-Jul-2016Advancing scoping study methodology: a web-based survey and consultation of perceptions on terminology, definition and methodological stepsO’Brien, Kelly K; Colquhoun, Heather; Levac, Danielle; Baxter, Larry; Tricco, Andrea C; Straus, Sharon; Wickerson, Lisa; Nayar, Ayesha; Moher, David; O’Malley, Lisa
24-Jun-2016Update on the endorsement of CONSORT by high impact factor journals: a survey of journal “Instructions to Authors” in 2014Shamseer, Larissa; Hopewell, Sally; Altman, Douglas G; Moher, David; Schulz, Kenneth F
20-Jun-2016Erratum to: A protocol for a systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of blood markers, synovial fluid, and tissue testing in periprosthetic joint infections (PJI)Beaule, Paul E; Shea, Beverley; Abdelbary, Hesham; Ahmadzai, Nadera; Skidmore, Becky; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Hutton, Brian; Bunting, Alexandra C; Moran, Julian; Ward, Roxanne; Moher, David
7-Jun-2016Updating standards for reporting diagnostic accuracy: the development of STARD 2015Korevaar, Daniël A; Cohen, Jérémie F; Reitsma, Johannes B; Bruns, David E; Gatsonis, Constantine A; Glasziou, Paul P; Irwig, Les; Moher, David; de Vet, Henrica C W; Altman, Douglas G; Hooft, Lotty; Bossuyt, Patrick M M
10-May-2016Quality of conduct and reporting in rapid reviews: an exploration of compliance with PRISMA and AMSTAR guidelinesKelly, Shannon E; Moher, David; Clifford, Tammy J
16-Mar-2016Reporting transparency: making the ethical mandate explicitNicholls, Stuart G; Langan, Sinéad M; Benchimol, Eric I; Moher, David
24-Feb-2016Thanks to all those who reviewed for Systematic Reviews in 2015Moher, David; Shekelle, Paul; Stewart, Lesley A
3-Feb-2016Epidemiological and reporting characteristics of predatory journal articles: protocolAhmadzai, Nadera; Alabousi, Mostafa; Avey, Marc T; Cobey, Kelly; Daniel, Raymond; Galipeau, James; Garritty, Chantelle; Ghannad, Mona; Hamel, Candyce; Hersi, Mona; Hutton, Brian; Isupov, Inga; Lalu, Manoj; Langer, Felipe; McGrath, Trevor; McInnis, Matt; Moher, David; Pratt, Misty; Pussegoda, Kusala; Quach, Pauline; Shamseer, Larissa; Shea, Bev; Srivastava, Anubhav; Stevens, Adrienne; Thavorn, Kednapa; van Katwyk, Sasha; Ward, Roxanne; Wolfe, Dianna; Yazdi, Fatemeh; Yu, Ashley; Ziai, Hedyeh