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28-Sep-2015Identifying the domains of context important to implementation science: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Graham, Ian D; Hutchinson, Alison M; Michie, Susan; Francis, Jill J; Sales, Anne; Brehaut, Jamie; Curran, Janet; Ivers, Noah; Lavis, John; Linklater, Stefanie; Fenton, Shannon; Noseworthy, Thomas; Vine, Jocelyn; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
29-Jul-2015Compliance with Australian stroke guideline recommendations for outdoor mobility and transport training by post-inpatient rehabilitation services: An observational cohort studyMcCluskey, Annie; Ada, Louise; Kelly, Patrick J; Middleton, Sandy; Goodall, Stephen; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Logan, Pip; Longworth, Mark; Karageorge, Aspasia
23-Apr-2015Using a behaviour change techniques taxonomy to identify active ingredients within trials of implementation interventions for diabetes carePresseau, Justin; Ivers, Noah M; Newham, James J; Knittle, Keegan; Danko, Kristin J; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
25-Feb-2015Developing and refining the methods for a ‘one-stop shop’ for research evidence about health systemsLavis, John N; Wilson, Michael G; Moat, Kaelan A; Hammill, Amanda C; Boyko, Jennifer A; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Flottorp, Signe
22-Feb-2015Thanks to all those who reviewed for Trials in 2014Altman, Douglas G; Furberg, Curt D; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
11-Dec-2014Processes, contexts, and rationale for disinvestment: a protocol for a critical interpretive synthesisWilson, Michael G; Ellen, Moriah E; Lavis, John N; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Moat, Kaelan A; Shemer, Joshua; Sullivan, Terry; Garner, Sarah; Goeree, Ron; Grilli, Roberto; Peffer, Justin; Samra, Kevin
5-Dec-2014Barriers, facilitators and views about next steps to implementing supports for evidence-informed decision-making in health systems: a qualitative studyEllen, Moriah E; Léon, Grégory; Bouchard, Gisèle; Ouimet, Mathieu; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Lavis, John N
6-Oct-2014Are multifaceted interventions more effective than single-component interventions in changing health-care professionals’ behaviours? An overview of systematic reviewsSquires, Janet E; Sullivan, Katrina; Eccles, Martin P; Worswick, Julia; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
23-Sep-2014Linked publications from a single trial: a thread of evidenceAltman, Douglas G; Furberg, Curt D; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Shanahan, Daniel R
12-Aug-2014Seeing the forests and the trees—innovative approaches to exploring heterogeneity in systematic reviews of complex interventions to enhance health system decision-making: a protocolIvers, Noah; Tricco, Andrea C; Trikalinos, Thomas A; Dahabreh, Issa J; Danko, Kristin J; Moher, David; Straus, Sharon E; Lavis, John N; Yu, Catherine H; Shojania, Kaveh; Manns, Braden; Tonelli, Marcello; Ramsay, Timothy; Edwards, Alun; Sargious, Peter; Paprica, Alison; Hillmer, Michael; Grimshaw, Jeremy M