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21-Dec-2017Promoting deceased organ and tissue donation registration in family physician waiting rooms (RegisterNow-1 trial): study protocol for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster randomized controlled registryLi, Alvin H; Garg, Amit X; Prakash, Versha; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Taljaard, Monica; Mitchell, Joanna; Matti, Danny; Linklater, Stefanie; Naylor, Kyla L.; Dixon, Stephanie; Faulds, Cathy; Bevan, Rachel; Getchell, Leah; Knoll, Greg; Kim, S. Joseph; Sontrop, Jessica; Bjerre, Lise M; Tong, Allison; Presseau, Justin
19-Dec-2017Establishing core outcome sets for phenylketonuria (PKU) and medium-chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) deficiency in children: study protocol for systematic reviews and Delphi surveysPotter, Beth K; Hutton, Brian; Clifford, Tammy J; Pallone, Nicole; Smith, Maureen; Stockler, Sylvia; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Barbeau, Pauline; Garritty, Chantelle M; Pugliese, Michael; Rahman, Alvi; Skidmore, Becky; Tessier, Laure; Tingley, Kylie; Coyle, Doug; Greenberg, Cheryl R; Korngut, Lawrence; MacKenzie, Alex; Mitchell, John J; Nicholls, Stuart; Offringa, Martin; Schulze, Andreas; Taljaard, Monica
13-Dec-2017Government policy interventions to reduce human antimicrobial use: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisRogers Van Katwyk, Susan; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Mendelson, Marc; Taljaard, Monica; Hoffman, Steven J
9-Nov-2017Determining the impact of a new physiotherapist-led primary care model for back pain: protocol for a pilot cluster randomized controlled trialMiller, Jordan; Barber, David; Donnelly, Catherine; French, Simon; Green, Michael; Hill, Jonathan; MacDermid, Joy; Marsh, Jacquelyn; Norman, Kathleen; Richardson, Julie; Taljaard, Monica; Wideman, Timothy; Cooper, Lynn; McPhee, Colleen
13-Apr-2017Early identification of patients requiring massive transfusion, embolization, or hemostatic surgery for traumatic hemorrhage: a systematic review protocolTran, Alexandre; Matar, Maher; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Lampron, Jacinthe; Taljaard, Monica; Vaillancourt, Christian
4-Mar-2017Analysis of cluster randomised stepped wedge trials with repeated cross-sectional samplesHemming, Karla; Taljaard, Monica; Forbes, Andrew
14-Nov-2016Comparative assessment of two frailty instruments for risk-stratification in elderly surgical patients: study protocol for a prospective cohort studyMcIsaac, Daniel I; Taljaard, Monica; Bryson, Gregory L; Beaule, Paul E; Gagne, Sylvain; Hamilton, Gavin; Hladkowicz, Emily; Huang, Allen; Joanisse, John; Lavallée, Luke T; Moloo, Hussein; Thavorn, Kednapa; van Walraven, Carl; Yang, Homer; Forster, Alan J
5-Sep-2016Practice facilitation for improving cardiovascular care: secondary evaluation of a stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial using population-based administrative dataDeri Armstrong, Catherine; Taljaard, Monica; Hogg, William; Mark, Amy E; Liddy, Clare
22-Aug-2016National survey of family physicians to define functional decline in elderly patients with minor traumaAbdulaziz, Kasim E; Brehaut, Jamie; Taljaard, Monica; Émond, Marcel; Sirois, Marie-Josée; Lee, Jacques S; Wilding, Laura; Perry, Jeffrey J
11-Aug-2016Eliciting women’s cervical screening preferences: a mixed methods systematic review protocolWood, Brianne; Van Katwyk, Susan R; El-Khatib, Ziad; McFaul, Susan; Taljaard, Monica; Wright, Erica; Graham, Ian D; Little, Julian