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19-Jan-2017Involving members of vulnerable populations in the development of patient decision aids: a mixed methods sequential explanatory studyDugas, Michèle; Trottier, Marie-Ève; Chipenda Dansokho, Selma; Vaisson, Gratianne; Provencher, Thierry; Colquhoun, Heather; Dogba, Maman J; Dupéré, Sophie; Fagerlin, Angela; Giguere, Anik M C; Haslett, Lynne; Hoffman, Aubri S; Ivers, Noah M; Légaré, France; Légaré, Jean; Levin, Carrie A; Menear, Matthew; Renaud, Jean-Sébastien; Stacey, Dawn; Volk, Robert J; Witteman, Holly O
14-Jan-2017Impact of home care versus alternative locations of care on elder health outcomes: an overview of systematic reviewsBoland, Laura; Légaré, France; Perez, Maria M B; Menear, Matthew; Garvelink, Mirjam M; McIsaac, Daniel I; Painchaud Guérard, Geneviève; Emond, Julie; Brière, Nathalie; Stacey, Dawn
19-Jul-2016Development of a decision guide to support the elderly in decision making about location of care: an iterative, user-centered designGarvelink, Mirjam M; Emond, Julie; Menear, Matthew; Brière, Nathalie; Freitas, Adriana; Boland, Laura; Perez, Maria M B; Blair, Louisa; Stacey, Dawn; Légaré, France
2-Jul-2016Implementation of a patient decision aid for men with localized prostate cancer: evaluation of patient outcomes and practice variationStacey, Dawn; Taljaard, Monica; Smylie, Jennifer; Boland, Laura; Breau, Rodney H; Carley, Meg; Jana, Kunal; Peckford, Larry; Blackmore, Terry; Waldie, Marian; Wu, Robert C; Legare, France
29-Feb-2016Spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting by patients in Canada: a multi-method study—study protocolDweik, Rania A; Yaya, Sanni; Stacey, Dawn; Kohen, Dafna
27-Jun-2015Impact of an interprofessional shared decision-making and goal-setting decision aid for patients with diabetes on decisional conflict – study protocol for a randomized controlled trialYu, Catherine H; Ivers, Noah M; Stacey, Dawn; Rezmovitz, Jeremy; Telner, Deanna; Thorpe, Kevin; Hall, Susan; Settino, Marc; Kaplan, David M; Coons, Michael; Sodhi, Sumeet; Sale, Joanna; Straus, Sharon E
12-Feb-2015Improving Decision making On Location of Care with the frail Elderly and their caregivers (the DOLCE study): study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialLégaré, France; Brière, Nathalie; Stacey, Dawn; Bourassa, Henriette; Desroches, Sophie; Dumont, Serge; Fraser, Kimberly; Freitas, Adriana; Rivest, Louis‐Paul; Roy, Lise
7-Feb-2015Implementation of a cystic fibrosis lung transplant referral patient decision aid in routine clinical practice: an observational studyStacey, Dawn; Vandemheen, Katherine L; Hennessey, Rosamund; Gooyers, Tracy; Gaudet, Ena; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Salgado, Josette; Freitag, Andreas; Berthiaume, Yves; Brown, Neil; Aaron, Shawn D
7-Feb-2015Decision coaching using the Ottawa family decision guide with parents and their children: a field testing studyFeenstra, Bryan; Lawson, Margaret L; Harrison, Denise; Boland, Laura; Stacey, Dawn
28-Jan-2015Cultural adaptation of a shared decision making tool with Aboriginal women: a qualitative studyJull, Janet; Giles, Audrey; Boyer, Yvonne; Stacey, Dawn