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2011The power of the diocesan bishop with regard to the administration of ecclesiastical goods of public juridic persons subject to him: An analysis of canon 1276, section 2Omorogbe, Edwin N
2010Officers of Parliament: Accountability, virtue and the ConstitutionChaplin, M. Ann
2010The Role of the ILO in Extending the Scope of International Criminal Law to the Worst Forms of Child LabourMenard-Kilrane, Monique
2010Exploring Medical Expert Testimony and its Contribution to Miscarriages of Justice An Examination of the Flawed Pathological Evidence of Dr Charles SmithThom, Ashley C
2010"The Chameleon Indigenous Sovereignty": The Colonial Prismatic View of its Different Shades in Ghana, Canada and the United StatesBaffoe, Kwesi
2010Le droit du clerc à la rémunération selon le c 281, §1 du CIC83 et son application aux prêtres en paroisses au Congo-KinshasaMuamba Kalala, André
2010Stepping outside the box: Traditional knowledge, folklore, indigenous textiles and cultural appropriation---Is there room for folklore protection under intellectual property law?Asmah, Josephine
2010Reparations for Cultural Loss to Survivors of Indian Residential SchoolsMallam, Andrew J
2010Court Culture as an Explanation of Case Processing Efficiency: An Exploratory Study of the Applicability of Leverick and Duff's Typology of Court Culture to Bail Courts in OntarioHeath, Sarah
2010L'égalité entre les sexes dans le champ du développement international: Vers la réalisation de tous les droits des femmes? Une étude de cas des états de l'Afrique francophoneMonchalin, Marie-Christine