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2011The power of the diocesan bishop with regard to the administration of ecclesiastical goods of public juridic persons subject to him: An analysis of canon 1276, section 2Omorogbe, Edwin N
2010Stepping outside the box: Traditional knowledge, folklore, indigenous textiles and cultural appropriation---Is there room for folklore protection under intellectual property law?Asmah, Josephine
2010Le droit du clerc à la rémunération selon le c 281, §1 du CIC83 et son application aux prêtres en paroisses au Congo-KinshasaMuamba Kalala, André
2010"The Chameleon Indigenous Sovereignty": The Colonial Prismatic View of its Different Shades in Ghana, Canada and the United StatesBaffoe, Kwesi
2010The Role of the ILO in Extending the Scope of International Criminal Law to the Worst Forms of Child LabourMenard-Kilrane, Monique
2010Officers of Parliament: Accountability, virtue and the ConstitutionChaplin, M. Ann
2010Exploring Medical Expert Testimony and its Contribution to Miscarriages of Justice An Examination of the Flawed Pathological Evidence of Dr Charles SmithThom, Ashley C
2010Reparations for Cultural Loss to Survivors of Indian Residential SchoolsMallam, Andrew J
2010Court Culture as an Explanation of Case Processing Efficiency: An Exploratory Study of the Applicability of Leverick and Duff's Typology of Court Culture to Bail Courts in OntarioHeath, Sarah
2010Les obstacles procéduraux à la repression interne des crimes de guerre et des crimes contre l'humanitéHitimana, Célestin