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7-Nov-2017Assessment of safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy in preclinical models of acute myocardial infarction: a systematic review protocolBarron, Carly C; Lalu, Manoj M; Stewart, Duncan J; Fergusson, Dean; Yang, Homer; Moher, David; Liu, Peter; Mazer, David; Devereaux, P. J; McIntyre, Lauralyn
21-Nov-2016A mixed-methods systematic review protocol to examine the use of physical restraint with critically ill adults and strategies for minimizing their useRose, Louise; Dale, Craig; Smith, Orla M; Burry, Lisa; Enright, Glenn; Fergusson, Dean; Sinha, Samir; Wiesenfeld, Lesley; Sinuff, Tasnim; Mehta, Sangeeta
31-Aug-2016Compatibility of Lactated Ringer’s Solution human blood products containing red blood cells: a systematic review protocolWolfe, Dianna; English, Shane; Fergusson, Dean; Kanji, Salmaan; Lalu, Manoj; Mendis, Nick; Tinmouth, Alan; McIntyre, Lauralyn
1-Aug-2016Variation in diurnal sedation in mechanically ventilated patients who are managed with a sedation protocol alone or a sedation protocol and daily interruptionMehta, Sangeeta; Meade, Maureen; Burry, Lisa; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Katsios, Christina; Fergusson, Dean; Dodek, Peter; Burns, Karen; Herridge, Margaret; Devlin, John W; Tanios, Maged; Fowler, Robert; Jacka, Michael; Skrobik, Yoanna; Olafson, Kendiss; Cook, Deborah
25-May-2016Efficacy and safety of regenerative cell therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension in animal models: a preclinical systematic review protocolSuen, Colin M; Zhai, Alex; Lalu, Manoj M; Welsh, Christopher; Levac, Brendan M; Fergusson, Dean; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Stewart, Duncan J
15-Apr-2016The REporting PrEclinical Anesthesia sTudy (REPEAT) Protocol. Evaluating the Quality of Reporting in the Preclinical Anesthesiology Literature.Lalu, Manoj; Avey, Marc; Fergusson, Dean; Hong, Jiho; Nguyen, Long; Barron, Carly; Bocock, Matthew; McGinn, Ryan; Dong, Yuan; Patel, Abhilasha; Boet, Sylvain; Larrigan, Sarah; Bourque, Stephane; Mittal, Rohan; George, Ronald; Vella, Kimberly; Gragasin, Ferrante; Biefer, Kristen; Mazer, David; Goldenberg, Neil; Steinberg, Ben; Richebe, Philippe; Maximos, Sarah; Saha, Tarit; Chen, Kai; Sampson, Sonja; Manuel, Courtney; Stewart, Duncan; Syed, Summer; Harsha, Prathiba
7-Apr-2016Validation of administrative database codes for acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipientsMolnar, Amber O; van Walraven, Carl; McArthur, Eric; Fergusson, Dean; Garg, Amit X; Knoll, Greg
29-Feb-2016The impact of perioperative red blood cell transfusions in patients undergoing liver resection: a systematic review protocolBennett, Sean; Baker, Laura; Shorr, Risa; Martel, Guillaume; Fergusson, Dean
19-Jan-2016The prognostic value of magnetic resonance imaging in moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolHaghbayan, Hourmazd; Boutin, Amélie; Laflamme, Mathieu; Lauzier, François; Shemilt, Michèle; Moore, Lynne; Zarychanski, Ryan; Fergusson, Dean; Turgeon, Alexis F
9-Sep-2015Prevention of vitamin D deficiency in children following cardiac surgery: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialMcNally, J. D; O’Hearn, Katie; Lawson, Margaret L; Maharajh, Gyaandeo; Geier, Pavel; Weiler, Hope; Redpath, Stephanie; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Fergusson, Dean; Menon, Kusum