Non-Exclusive Distribution License

	In consideration of the University of Ottawa (the "University") making copies of my work available to interested persons, I hereby grant a non-exclusive, royalty free license to the University:
	(a) to reproduce, publish, archive, preserve and communicate my work (the title of which is set forth above), in whole or in part, and/or my abstract, in whole or in part, (collectively hereinafter the "Licensed Material") anywhere in the world, for non-commercial purposes, using any form of media;
	(b) to authorize, sub-license, sub-contract or procure any of the acts mentioned in paragraph (a).
	I represent and promise that the Licensed Material is my original work, does not infringe any rights of others, and that I have the right to make the grant conferred by this license.
	In particular, if there is more than one author, I represent and promise that all other authors have approved the present submission of the Licensed Material and have read and agreed to the terms of this license.
	Where I have, in the Licensed Material, used material owned by third party copyright holders, I represent and promise that I have obtained written permissions from such copyright holders to use such material, including unrestricted permissions to grant the University the rights required by this license, and will supply copies of such permissions upon request by the University. I also represent and promise that such material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the Licensed Material. I understand that the University will not distribute the Licensed Material if, in the reasonable judgement of the University, the said permissions of the third party copyright holders have not been obtained.
	If the Licensed Material is work, is based upon work or contains work that has been sponsored or supported by a third party, I represent and promise that I have fulfilled any right of review or other obligation required by that third party.
	I understand that the University will not be responsible for any misuse of the Licensed Material by third parties who gain access to it as a result of this license. I understand that Canadian copyright law applies to my submission.
	I agree to indemnify and save harmless the University with regard to any violation of my representations contained herein.