Thesis Non-Exclusive License to the University of Ottawa

1. By submitting my thesis or dissertation for which my degree is established (“Thesis”) to the University of Ottawa’s (“University”) online repository for research and teaching materials, I understand that the Thesis will be made available to the public.

2. In consideration of the University making the Thesis available to the public, I hereby grant to the University a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty free license, in perpetuity, as follows:

a) to print, reproduce, publish, archive, preserve, convert, transmit, distribute and communicate the Thesis, including metadata and the Thesis abstract, anywhere in the world, by telecommunication or by any means and in any format or medium whether existing or which may come into existence in future for non-commercial purposes and for the full term of the copyright;

b) to include the Thesis in databases, archives, searchable collections of resources and analogous entities in whatever format or medium they exist; and

c) to authorize, sub-license, sub-contract any of the acts mentioned in paragraphs (a)and (b).

3. The University may sub-license and submit the Thesis to the Library and Archives Canada and that any abstract submitted with the Thesis will be considered to form part of the Thesis.  

4. I retain the copyright and moral right in the Thesis and may deal with the copyright in the Thesis in any way consistent with rights granted by me to the University in this non-exclusive license.  I promise to inform any person to whom I may hereafter assign or license my copyright in the Licence Material of the rights granted by me to the University in this non-exclusive license.

5. I confirm the following statements to be true and accurate:

a) The Thesis is my original work and that it does not infringe any proprietary or privacy rights of others. 

b) I own the copyright in the Thesis and have the right and authority to grant the license conferred by this non-exclusive license.

c) The version of the Thesis hereby submitted is the same version as the one that received the written approval of my thesis supervisor(s) and/or the written approval of a member of the thesis defence jury and/or the one that was submitted in order for me to be recommended for the degree.

d) Where required under the terms of the Copyright Act, I have obtained the written permission of the copyright owner for any third party content used in the Thesis and will supply copies of such upon request by the University.

I understand that the University may remove the Thesis from its repository or otherwise no longer make it available to the public if, in the reasonable opinion of the University, the statements above are false or inaccurate.

6. The University is not responsible for any misuse of the Thesis by third parties who access the Thesis through University facilities or systems.  The University is under no obligation to pursue such third parties on my behalf or on behalf of other rights holders, in the event of breach of intellectual property rights, or any other right, in the Thesis.