The role of the lay Christian faithful in the mission of the Church in Mbarara Archdiocese (Uganda) in light of its first synod.

dc.contributor.advisorWoestman, William,
dc.contributor.authorBainomugisha, Lambert.
dc.identifier.citationSource: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 63-09, Section: A, page: 3311.
dc.description.abstractThe mission of the Church is essentially to build up the Body of Christ and to work for the salvation of souls. This mission pertains to all the members of Christ's faithful, namely the clergy, the religious, and the lay faithful, but each one according to their own condition and office. The focus of this study is a historical and systematic analysis of the role of the lay members of Christ's faithful in the mission of the Church in Mbarara Archdiocese (Uganda). This is done in light of the first diocesan synod of Mbarara that took place in 1986. The synod was an occasion of self reflection for the diocese and a way of seeking answers that concern its mission to the people of God so as to deepen their Christian life. The history of the Church in Uganda in general, and Mbarara in particular, testifies to the positive contribution of the lay Christian faithful in the evangelization and growth of the Church in these areas. The lay catechists and lay Christian community leaders have worked side by side with missionaries and priests since the inception of the Catholic faith in Uganda till the present day. The lay faithful's role in the mission and ministry of the Church is more noticeable in those church structures below the parish level that have infrequent visits of priests and yet there is a lively practice of the faith at these levels. The role of the lay faithful in Mbarara is not limited to manifesting Christ to others by the witness of their life in secular work and business and in the ordinary circumstances social and family life. They have been, in accordance with the norms of Church law, brought to actively participate with the clergy in the pastoral ministry of the Church in the archdiocese. The analysis of the synodal acts shows the part played by the lay faithful in the proclamation of the word of God, their participation in fostering sacramental life in their Christian communities, their role in the administration of the temporal goods of the Church. Their role in promoting the social welfare of the people of God in the Archdiocese of Mbarara is in this study shown as a major component of their mission. The dissertation shows the lay person in the mission of the Church in Mbarara as an evangelizer, catechist, Christian/spiritual leader, parent, educator, and social worker.
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dc.subject.classificationReligion, General.
dc.titleThe role of the lay Christian faithful in the mission of the Church in Mbarara Archdiocese (Uganda) in light of its first synod.
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