A platform for mobile agent-based data access, retrieval, and interaction.

Title: A platform for mobile agent-based data access, retrieval, and interaction.
Authors: Falchuk, Benjamin Walter.
Date: 1999
Abstract: Mobile software agents have emerged as a promising paradigm for computing at both the implementation and conceptual levels. While some will argue that the paradigm is not entirely "new", it is nonetheless more flexible and dynamic than the client-server one. In the mobile agent model the program (e.g. agent) is sent to, and runs on, remote machines and so operates closer and more interactively with the remote resource. This flexible paradigm is well suited to many applications ranging from electronic Internet commerce, to military computing and telecommunication and therefore its exploration and exploitation are paramount to both industry and academia. Designing and abstracting the implementation of a platform using software agents and exposing the paradigm to the user via powerful graphical user interfaces is the general goal of this thesis. While both network bandwidth and user search time can be reduced when the mobile agent is employed for information retrieval on such a platform, enabling this platform requires protocols at the agent language, ontology, transfer, and application levels. To these ends this thesis proposes: (i) an "agent-stack" and protocols that enable automated mobile agent-based digital document access, retrieval, and interaction. AgenTransfer for inter-server transfer, AgenTransact for inter-agent communication, and AgenTask for human-agent communication, (ii) the functionality of an agent execution environment that hosts mobile agents, and (iii) a unique and powerful graphical user interface suite which can be used by novice end-users to quickly and easily program and manage mobile agents and their itineraries. An accompanying implementation of the main components proposed in this thesis serves as both proof-of-concept of the ideas and as an opportunity for analysis.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/8786
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