Knowledge-Based Program Understanding and Testing Assistant (KBPUTA).

dc.contributor.advisorProbert, Robert,
dc.contributor.authorHodges, J. D. Brett.
dc.identifier.citationSource: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 33-05, page: 1535.
dc.description.abstractThe Knowledge-Based Program Understanding and Testing Assistant (KBPUTA) is presented in this thesis. This assistant was designed and implemented as a proof-of-concept system. The purpose in developing this assistant is threefold; (1) to provide a generic design for a tool to aid in the maintenance task of program understanding, (2) to illustrate how regression testing assistance for a program modification can be provided, and (3) to show how such a tool can easily be built using a commercially available knowledge-based system development shell. The major contributions of this thesis are: (1) the inclusion of domain knowledge in the specification of program goals. This will allow the maintenance assistant to provide three views of a program, a domain knowledge view, a program knowledge view, and a view that shows the mapping between the two. (2) development of a knowledge-based development shell independent design for a maintenance assistant. (3) providing regression testing assistance before the actual program modification is made. This is accomplished by advising the user what must be tested for a given change. This may cause the user to create another modification design that will have less impact on the program than the original change. (4) providing assistance on the regression testing of global variables. This is based upon the work by Leung and White (1990A). The development of the roles for the regression testing of global variables was assisted by Hareton Leung. KBPUTA is implemented using the Aion Development Expert System Shell (ADS/WIN) version 6.2. ADS/WIN runs under Windows 3.0, or greater, on any PC with at least 4MB of RAM. The Aion Execution System (AES/WIN), vs 6.2, is required in order to run the proof-of-concept system. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
dc.format.extent171 p.
dc.publisherUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)
dc.subject.classificationComputer Science.
dc.titleKnowledge-Based Program Understanding and Testing Assistant (KBPUTA).
CollectionTh├Ęses, 1910 - 2010 // Theses, 1910 - 2010

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