Performance Evaluation of Hybrid and Predictive Controllers In Remote Surgery

Title: Performance Evaluation of Hybrid and Predictive Controllers In Remote Surgery
Authors: Chai, Vivian
Date: 2023-05-25
Abstract: Telerobotics are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the medical field due to the many advantages they have over standard methods. In particular, their use in surgical procedures provides benefits such as safer operations and greater health care access, among others. However, there are drawbacks that dissuade telerobotic usage and aspects that can still be improved upon. Examples of these include the inevitable impact of time delay and the existence of disturbances, such as patient-manipulator contact. These factors can result in system destabilization and ultimately task failure, discouraging the usage of telerobotics in these settings. This thesis investigates the effects of time delay and contact disturbances on telerobotic performance in a surgical setting. In this work, different methods of improving telerobotic performance such as using hybrid controllers and predictive technology are explored. The goal is to investigate options for mitigating the negative effects of these elements while improving overall telerobotic performance.  
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