The political economy of drug trafficking: Case of Peru.

Title: The political economy of drug trafficking: Case of Peru.
Authors: Gordillo-Carrillo, Xavier E.
Date: 1998
Abstract: This thesis will be structured in the following way. The first section will examine the political and economic dimensions of the narcotics economy in Peru. It will analyze the significance of the coca leaf and coca paste in the main economic aspects, as well as the socio-economic impact of narcotics in Peru. It will also analyze the dynamics of the coca industry. The politics of control and eradication evaluate the role of foreign aid and political pressure vis-a-vis the internal resistance and group interests in the national society. Therefore, the second section will examine the problems, strategies and solutions to tackle the underlying issues, analyzing the role of governments and the military, and the responsibility of supply and demand countries. It will outline Peru's position facing the drug trafficking problem, the U.S. intervention, the evaluation and measure of effectiveness, and options regarding drug control and alternative development policies. Finally, this thesis will conclude with some opinions. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
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