Spin–orbit coupling induced by ascorbic acid crystals

Title: Spin–orbit coupling induced by ascorbic acid crystals
Authors: Grenapin, Florence
D'Errico, Alessio
Karimi, Ebrahim
Date: 2023
Abstract: Some anisotropic materials form semicrystalline structures, called spherulites, when observed in a polarisation microscope, exhibit a characteristic “maltese-cross”-like pattern. While this observation has been hitherto considered as a tool to characterize these materials, we show that these patterns are associated with a strong light’s spin–orbit coupling induced by the spherulite structures. We experimentally demonstrate these effects using samples of crystallized ascorbic acid and observing the creation of optical vortices in transmitted laser beams, as well as the formation of inhomogeneous polarisation patterns. Our findings suggest the use of some spherulites based on other materials in frequency ranges, e.g. in the THz domain, where polarisation and spatial shaping of electromagnetic radiation is still a challenging task.
URL: https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/nanoph-2022-0502/html
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/nanoph-2022-0502
CollectionPhysique // Physics
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