Digital Disinformation Landscape and Online Disinformation-Countering Tools

dc.contributor.authorRuhi, Umar
dc.description.abstractThe spread of digital disinformation is threatening social cohesion and democracies globally. Malicious agents and corrupt individuals have waged an information war in an already saturated ecosystem by creating and spreading false information and manipulated digital media at unprecedented levels since the boom of the internet. As a result, scholars and researchers across many disciplines have taken an interest in strategizing against the dissemination of harmful media online. To begin, the array of terms describing the current ecosystem of “information disorders” has prompted the conglomeration of the growing taxonomy currently circulating in research communities. Inspired by the lack of a unified framework to describe the current infodemic, the literature review seeks to analyze the various interpretations and categorizations of the terms, as well as the enablers that promote the spread of digital disinformation. Sociotechnical, psychological, emotional, and technological enablers that promote the dissemination of digital disinformation and hinder its resolve are identified and discussed. Considering the severity of disinformation in current times and the need to eliminate its spread, we also consider current technology, as well as take an empirical look at the tools currently available. Moreover, we examine the usability and functionality of select tools to identify key-success factors that would promote their use and uptake amongst users. Finally, this review provides a discussion of recommendations from the literature, targeted for civil society, government, and the technology sector. These suggestions focus on fixing the underlying structural and institutional issues that have allowed for the widespread dissemination of disinformation and are integral to the future success of eradicating disinformation.
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dc.subjectinformation disorder
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dc.titleDigital Disinformation Landscape and Online Disinformation-Countering Tools
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