Information retrieval over the World Wide Web.

Title: Information retrieval over the World Wide Web.
Authors: Zayour, Iyad.
Date: 1997
Abstract: The introduction of the World Wide Web and its increasingly growing popularity have created an immense repository of information. The amount of information, its diversity, and its rapid change caused a major problem--how to use this information effectively and efficiently. Available tools for information retrieval on the Web suffer from many shortcomings in satisfying the information needs for users in a practical way. In this thesis, we try to address some of these problems and to come up with an efficient solution for large portion of these information needs. In particular, we try to create a solution for users interested in locating facts on popular topics--topics which are expected to be queried frequently. Our solution is the "Web Information Collector" System (WIC). The WIC is a Web based system which helps in gathering information from the Web, it permits creating and customizing a local document base to store the gathered information, then it provides novel facilities to query, retrieve and navigate this information. The details of this system will be described in the thesis.
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