The Letter Collection of Ruricius of Limoges

dc.contributor.authorFord, Eryn Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractThis thesis will discuss the organization of the letter collection of Ruricius, bishop of Limoges from ca. 485 to 506/7. Ruricius’ two-book collection (found in a unicum, the Codex Sangallensis 190) contains a variety of conventional letter types, set within the specific and complex socio-cultural setting of late 5th to early 6th century Gaul in transition. Ruricius’ collection complements the three other major extant Gallo-Roman letter collections of this period, those of Sidonius Apollinaris, Avitus of Vienne, and Ennodius of Pavia. Yet, as a result of Ruricius’ scanty references to contemporary historical circumstances, his letter collection has traditionally received less attention in studies of letter collections and late 5th century Gaul. However, the value of his letters as a late-antique letter collection for literary study is promising. The aim of this thesis is to engage with the letters of Ruricius and consider them from the perspective of a letter collection with potentially deliberate principles of organization. This is particularly pertinent for the 18-letter Book I, which shows clear signs of deliberate organization by Ruricius. Furthermore, there are compelling hints of deliberate organization in the 65 letters of Book II. This thesis will investigate both Books I and II. Through an analysis of the collection’s organizational principles, themes and imagery, and Ruricius’ self-presentation, we will investigate Ruricius’ presentation of his journey from secular aristocrat to bishop in Book I and his epistolary persona of bishop and guide in Book II.
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dc.subjectLetter Collection
dc.subjectLate Antiquity
dc.titleThe Letter Collection of Ruricius of Limoges
dc.contributor.supervisorBussières, Marie-Pierre
uottawa.departmentÉtudes anciennes et de sciences des religions / Classics and Religious Studies
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