A Literature Review on Polarization and on Energy and Climate Policy in Canada

Title: A Literature Review on Polarization and on Energy and Climate Policy in Canada
Authors: Aguirre, Rafael
Date: 2020
Abstract: This review explores scholarly literature on polarization as a general phenomenon as well as the state of knowledge over its extent and nature in the energy and environmental domain. Overall, the review finds that polarization as a general phenomenon has increased in Canada, as it has in other jurisdictions, notably the United States. There are some differences between the two countries: in both countries, there is evidence of increased affective polarization (strong positive/negative feelings towards political parties) and partisan sorting (views on policy issues polarized along partisan lines), but, contrary to the US, studies on Canada have not yet firmly established that partisan polarization (hardening of partisan identities) is on the rise. When it comes to polarization over energy and environment in Canada, there has been relatively scant research undertaken to understand the nature, extent and drivers of polarization.
URL: https://www.uottawa.ca/positive-energy/sites/www.uottawa.ca.positive-energy/files/literature_review_on_polarization_and_energy_policy_in_canada_web.pdf
CollectionInstitut de recherche sur la science, la société et la politique publique - Publications // Institute for Science, Society and Policy - Publications
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