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2020Policymakers, Regulators and Courts – Who Decides What, When and How? The Evolution of Regulatory IndependenceCleland, Michael; Thomson, Ian, T.D.; Gattinger, Monica
2021The Expanded Role of the Federal Cabinet in Pipeline Projects. A Case Study of TC Energy's 2021 NGTL System ExpansionHarrison, Rowland, Q.C.
2018Durable Balance: Informed Reform and Energy Decision-Making in CanadaCleland, Michael; Gattinger, Monica; Beck, Marisa; Aguirre, Rafael
2020A Literature Review on Regulatory Independence in Canada's Energy Systems: Origins, Rationale and Key FeaturesThomson, Ian
2021What Works? Identifying and scaling up successful innovations in Canadian energy regulatory decision makingLarkin, Patricia
2021Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage - Polarization, public confidence and decision-makingLarkin, Patricia; Bird, Stephen; Gattinger, Monica
2016Public Authorities and Energy Decision Processes: Building Public Confidence, Workshop ReportPositive Energy
2020A Literature Review on Polarization and on Energy and Climate Policy in CanadaAguirre, Rafael
2019Canada's Energy Future in an Age of Climate Change. How Partisanship, Polarization and Parochialism are eroding Public ConfidenceCleland, Michael; Gattinger, Monica
2018How to decide? Engagement: information and capacity. System under stress: Interim report # 3Simard, Louis
2018The Policy-Regulatory Nexus in Canada's Energy Decision-Making. From Best Practices to Next Practices. System under stress: Interim report # 2Bird, Stephen
2017Who decides? Balancing and Bridging Local, Indigenous and Broader Societal Interests in Canadian Energy Decision-Making. System under stress: Interim report # 1Fast, Stewart
2017System Under Stress: Energy Decision-Making in Canada and the Need for Informed ReformCleland, Michael; Gattinger, Monica
2016A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-MakingCleland, Michael
2016A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making. Case Study: Western Alberta Transmission Line, Eckville and Rimbey, AlbertaSajid, Shafak
2016A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making. Case Study: Shale Gas Exploration, Kent County and Elsipogtog First Nation, New BrunswickFast, Stewart
2016A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making. Case Study: Northern Gateway Pipeline, Kitimat and Haisla Nation, British ColumbiaSajid, Shafak
2019Canadians still twice as likely to say Canada is doing a poor rather than good job on energy issues – consensus opinions emerging on national interest being more important, oil and gas being on the decline and a need for more partnershipsPositive Energy; Nanos Research
2015Canadians’ Views on Canada’s Energy Future University of Ottawa Positive Energy Summary, National Survey conducted by Nanos Research for the University of OttawaNanos Research; Positive Energy
2016Energy and environmental leaders’ views of challenges in the energy sectorPositive Energy; Nanos Research