Forward Leading Vehicle Detection for Driver Assistant System

Title: Forward Leading Vehicle Detection for Driver Assistant System
Authors: Wen, Wen
Date: 2021-05-14
Abstract: Keeping a safe distance from the forward-leading vehicle is an essential feature of modern Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS), especially for transportation companies with a fleet of trucks. We propose in this thesis a Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system, which collects visual information using smartphones attached for instance to the windshield of a vehicle. The basic idea is to detect the forward-leading vehicle and estimate its distance from the vehicle. Given the limited resources of computation and memory of mobile devices, the main challenge of this work is running CNN-based object detectors at real-time without hurting the performance. In this thesis, we analyze the bounding boxes distribution of the vehicles, then propose an efficient and customized deep neural network for forward-leading vehicle detection. We apply a detection-tracking scheme to increase the frame rate of vehicle detection and maintain good performance. Then we propose a simple leading vehicle distance estimation approach for monocular cameras. With the techniques above, we build an FCW system that has low computation and memory requirements that are suitable for mobile devices. Our FCW system has 49% less allocated memory, 7.5% higher frame rate, and 21% less battery consumption speed than popular deep object detectors. A sample video is available at
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