Performance evaluation of the IS-136 DCCH reverse access channel mechanism.

Title: Performance evaluation of the IS-136 DCCH reverse access channel mechanism.
Authors: Naim, Ghassan.
Date: 1998
Abstract: With the ever evolving mobile cellular technology, more standards are being deployed and upgraded with the goal to provide better service and quality as well as higher capacity to support the higher demand of voice communication. This thesis focuses on the performance of the Mobile/Wireless network interface for IS-136, a North-American standard for digital cellular system. It is no doubt that voice service can be affordable but how does the interface react to the addition of more features and data transfer from the end user onto the system is still under investigation. With the ever increasing need for the wireless data communication features (short messages, fax, digital images and digital video), it is important to answer questions regarding performance and how the cellular system can be improved. A study of the reverse access control protocol of IS-136 digital control channel is provided and performance results are presented and studied taking in consideration different setups for the access control parameters, input traffic and air link conditions. Finally, guidelines are provided on how to set-up the system when operating under different conditions resulting from different traffic and channel quality characteristics.
CollectionTh├Ęses, 1910 - 2010 // Theses, 1910 - 2010
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