Linguistic and cultural transfer in Michel Tremblay's "Les Belles-Soeurs".

dc.contributor.advisorFolkart, B.,
dc.contributor.authorUlicki, Alanna.
dc.identifier.citationSource: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 36-01, page: 0041.
dc.description.abstractThis thesis is a critique of the Canadian translation of Michel Tremblay's landmark play, Les Belles-Soeurs. It is divided into three parts. Parts I and II focus on the translation of Tremblay's language and Part III on the "translation" of his subject matter. Les Belles-Soeurs is written entirely in the Montreal working-class dialect joual. In Part I of this thesis, we take a detailed look at the various features of this dialect and examine whether or not they have been retained in the canadian translation. When a given feature has not been retained, we determine to what extent the fault lies with the translators and to what extent it can be attributed to insurmountable cultural and linguistic differences between English Canada and Quebec and can thus be said to have been beyond the translators' control. Finally, we suggest possible ways in which any weaknesses in the translation could have been prevented or, at the very least, minimized. In Les Belles-Soeurs, Tremblay combines the everyday speech of working-class Quebec with a number of language strategies, each of which serves a highly specific function within his text. In Part II of this thesis, we discuss the problems involved in transposing each of these strategies into English and establish whether the translators have successfully met such a challenge in their translation. When they have not, we suggest possible ways of dealing with the problem. No study of Les Belles-Soeurs would be complete without a discussion of Tremblay's subject matter. In Part III of this thesis, we take a look at the social and political connotations of the play, determining if and to what extent they are "translatable" into an English-Canadian context. Finally, we discuss the possibility of adaptation as a means of making Tremblay's subject matter more "accessible" to an English-Canadian audience.
dc.format.extent156 p.
dc.publisherUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)
dc.subject.classificationLanguage, Linguistics.
dc.titleLinguistic and cultural transfer in Michel Tremblay's "Les Belles-Soeurs".
CollectionTh├Ęses, 1910 - 2010 // Theses, 1910 - 2010

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