Heisenberg Categorification and Wreath Deligne Category

Title: Heisenberg Categorification and Wreath Deligne Category
Authors: Nyobe Likeng, Samuel Aristide
Date: 2020-10-05
Abstract: We define a faithful linear monoidal functor from the partition category, and hence from Deligne's category Rep(S_t), to the additive Karoubi envelope of the Heisenberg category. We show that the induced map on Grothendieck rings is injective and corresponds to the Kronecker coproduct on symmetric functions. We then generalize the above results to any group G, the case where G is the trivial group corresponding to the case mentioned above. Thus, to every group G we associate a linear monoidal category Par(G) that we call a group partition category. We give explicit bases for the morphism spaces and also an efficient presentation of the category in terms of generators and relations. We then define an embedding of Par(G) into the group Heisenberg category associated to G. This embedding intertwines the natural actions of both categories on modules for wreath products of G. Finally, we prove that the additive Karoubi envelope of Par(G) is equivalent to a wreath product interpolating category introduced by Knop, thereby giving a simple concrete description of that category.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/41167
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