Artists & Artisans: A Critical Discourse Analysis of SoundCloud Rap

Title: Artists & Artisans: A Critical Discourse Analysis of SoundCloud Rap
Authors: Khadr, Kareem
Date: 2019
Abstract: The following paper examines what sort of influence is being exerted through the discourse reproduced in one of the newest waves in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, SoundCloud Rap. SoundCloud Rap could be categorized as one of the few competing sub-genres that opposes themes of authenticity which “gatekeepers” of original Hip-Hop/Rap attribute to the genre’s earlier days. In this paper, a close reading of the lyrics from the most listened to SoundCloud Rap songs of 2017 and 2018 is performed to determine if SoundCloud Rap demonstrates the formulaic structure and promotion of certain social practices, ideologies and themes that are characteristic of “mainstream” popular culture hegemonic products.
CollectionConfetti - Un journal de littératures et cultures du monde // Confetti - A World Literatures and Cultures Journal